Q & A: Paulo Filho

About the controversy in the last fight that you were supposed to have against Hector Lombard at Bellator 18, what happened? Did you see him complaining about you too?


First time was okay, but today I went to the consulate and they denied me the visa. There were problems in the documentation, the city has changed and I did not know, because they did not notice. I thought it was in Louisiana, but it was in South Carolina and it seems that did not work. They denied me the visa. Nevertheless, I think there is a possibility. I look forward to fighting him, he’s a very tough athlete. I want to test myself, I’m in the middle of my life and don’t have much time. I want to test myself and fight as much as I can. As far as my body can take it, I want to be fighting.


He wants to fight you. Would you accept this challenge?


If he wants to fight me, can you imagine if I would not want to fight with him? I’m Gracie and Carlson Gracie School until my death. We do not give up and we are always in search of wins.


You’ll fight with two opponents in July, in Australia, in only a week. How is that?


Actually, is three fights. Will be on 10, 14, and 18 of July. The last fight will be against Denis Kang.


How are you going to fight three times in one week?


This is new to me, but if I accepted the challenge, and will do my best. I’m not afraid to fight and not to hurt me. I’ll try to preserve as much, use jiu-jitsu, stifle, and use the tactics to try to submit. I recovered and four days after being ok for the next fight. If I have to had a hard time, it’s not a problem.


You said you were free from problems. How is your back?


Thank God I’m better, you can even see through my physical form. I’m training jiu-jitsu. I’m well managed and focused, to not be surprised. Paulo Filho is back more mature and conscientious.


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