Quick Results from the BJJ No-gi World Championships

Hey everyone,

I just got back in from Los Angeles after watching the first-ever Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu No-gi World Championship. It is late and I need to catch some zzzz’s but here are some quick blurbs about the event, in no particular order.

* Bruno Paulista beat Jeff Monson for the Ultra Heavyweight black belt championship. * Pablo Popovitch beat Daniel Moraes Correia for the middleweight black belt championship. * Jeff Glover beat Daniel Aguiar for the Lightweight black belt championship. * Roberto “Tuca” Camargo beat Fabio Leopoldo for the Heavyweight black belt championship. * Vinicius Magalhaes beat Cristiano “Titi” Lazzari for the Super Heavyweight black belt championship. * Marcel Louzado beat Luke Stewart for the Mid-Heavyweight black belt championship. * Rubens “Cobrinha” Maciel Charles beat Shane Rice for the featherweight black belt championship. * Jeff Monson beat Bill Cooper for the black belt absolute division 2-0. On his way to the silver medal, Cooper submitted both Wellington “Megaton” Diaz and Wilson Reis, and out-pointed Cristiano “Titi” Lazzari. Keep in mind that Bill Cooper has only been a black belt for two weeks!

I will have a full episode of our weekly BJJ audio show ready for download by Monday morning!

– Caleb

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