Rafael dos Anjos is recovering from injury and target return in 2011

 Rafael dos Anjos made a tough fight against Clay Guida at UFC 117, but an injury to the jaw ended up forcing the Brazilian to give up the fight. Already recovering, Raphael revealed to us that should return to the octagon just in the beginning of next year.



How is your recovery? You’re already better?


Already, I’m better. I’m coming back to train. I’m training without much impact and I’m much better.


You already have a prediction of return?


It will be next year. The forecast is for February or March. Now, back to train harder is only about two months from now.


About the fight, as you evaluate your participation to the injury?


I was very confident and it was a great fight. It was for me, but I broke my jaw with a minute of fighting. Even with all the problems I still managed to win the first round. For me if I break the jaw at the end of the second or early third, that fight would be mine and I could finish it. If I did not break then I would think to knockout or probably submits. I was fine and feeling fine, but it was a fatality. It was bad luck.


One thing became very clear it’s your evolution in fight standing. How you’re working on your standing part?


I’ve been training and Kru Toy, from Singapore, came to help me to that fight. Since I come from jiu-jitsu, I’m trying to improve where I have more faults that are part of the fight standing as well as in wrestling. So, I’ve been working more this and with the teacher of boxing, Cesario, as well. I also did some training there in Nobre Arte, in Cantagalo, and would like to thank Claudinho by force. I trained hard with the guys there for this fight. Cesario in boxing and Kru Toy, who came from Singapore and is Thai, in the part of Muay Thai, both helped me a lot.

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