Rafael Lovato Jr. takes home the Gold to Oklahoma City!

Congratulations to OTM sponsored fighter Rafael Lovato Jr!  Lovato took home the gold, after a very tough match against ADCC world champion Pablo Popovitch. It was a difficult weight cut for Lovato, who usually fights in the heavier weight classes, but he didn’t let the challenge stop him.

In his match, Lovato was able to dominate with a score of 4 x 0 to take the win.  The match was much tougher than the score might make it appear to have been.  Popovitch is one of the world’s greatest grapplers.

Lovato’s teammate and fellow OTM sponsored fighter Justin Rader made it to the finals, where he had an all-out battle with the reigning champion Ruben "Cobrinha" Charles. Rader proved that he will be a force in the No-Gi world for a long time to come after that performance.

Congratulations to Lovato and Rader!

If you are ever in Oklahoma City and want to train some NoGi BJJ Lovato’s school is the place to go.


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