Reto Maximo VII! Tijuana, MX Chris Brennan Dec 11, 2005.

CHRIS BRENNAN makes fight debut in Mexico @RETO MAXIMO VII – CHAMPIONSHIP NIGHT! Mixed Martial Arts . Muay Thai . Kick Boxing . BoxingFight extravaganza coming Sunday December 11th. 2005 @ Tangaloo Club in Tijuana, Mexico.

Returning to one of the hottest discotheques in Baja as venue for fight fans from both sides of the border Reto Maximo VII presents its most ambitious card to date featuring MMA, Boxing, Kick Boxing, and Muay Thai bouts. The First ever combined professional fight card to be presented south of the border!

The main course of the night will be the fight debut in Mexico of former KOTC Champion, UFC, and PRIDE Bushido extraordinaire Chris “The Westside Strangler” Brennan. His scheduled opponent is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing whiz Joey Alvarado. Representing the Machado brand of BJJ as well as his own team Raza MMA, Alvarado gamely takes on what could be considered a dream match so early in his MMA career.

Sharing the spotlight in the card, Mexico`s National Lightweight champion Jose Guardado out of Ensenada will dispute the vacant Jr. Welterweight IKBA Kick Boxing World title facing undefeated Rajesh Narine from Team Norwalk Muay Thai and Kick Boxing in a fight scheduled for seven rounds of action.

Virgilio Lozano, head of Lozano`s Vale Todo in Tijuana and ex-member of Ken Shamrock`s Lion`s Den, returns to the ring after a 4 year layoff do to an injury. Currently training under Dean Lister in San Diego, the mexican warrior faces a tough challenge in David Webber representing David Dunn`s Fight Academy in Santa Clarita, CA.

A couple Muay Thai Mexican National titles are on the line:

Omar Jimenez, out of Lozano`s Vale Todo in Tijuana and undefeated in both MMA and Muay Thai, agreed to face Erik Osorio once again after putting him out via TKO last September in a non title match. Osorio, out of famed Pedro Fernandez Pit Bull Gym also in Tijuana, currently holdsthe Light Heavyweight championship belt and asked Jimenez to a rematch putting his title on the line this time around.

Also out of the Pit Bull Gym in Tijuana, Gabriel Medina faces Ensenada`s warrior Luis Bio, out of Guardado`s Gym. This should prove to be one of the most exciting bouts of the night as by the time they step in the ring in RM-VII they will be facing each other for the third time.In a non title bout Bio took the close decision in their first outing last year and they are signed to a rematch coming early in November. This last episode in their trilogy of encounters should settle matters once and for all between these two gladiators with the winner coming out of the ring holding the Muay Thai National Middleweight title belt to his waist.

2 bouts are also booked showcasing Mexico`s world class talent in Boxing:

Out of reigning WBA Junior Middleweight Champion Alex Terra Garcia`s camp a couple young guns in Pavel Miranda, 8 – 1 (7KO) and Juan Carlos Burgos, 6 – 0 (5KO) are set to take action early in the card. Their opponents Juan Carlos Urias, 4 – 4 (3KO) and Paul Mendoza, 4 – 2 (1KO) respectively come from reputable stables Cheto`s Boxing Club and Kid Melo`s Gym to make things even. All four rising fighters are exited at the opportunity to exhibit their skills to cross fans of the fight game.

Up to Date Card (Not in fight order):

Fight 1 (MMA Bout)Matt Ruiz, 200 lbs. (0 – 1) Submission Factory, Los Angeles, CAJosh Tamsen, 200 lbs. (4 – 7) Freestyle Fighting, Tijuana, MEX

Fight 2 (MMA Bout)Marco Soto, 170 lbs. (0 – 0) Guardado`s Gym, Ensenada, MEXPolynesis Jackson, 170 lbs. (0 – 1) Sin City Fight Club, Las Vegas, NV

Fight 3 (Boxing / Featherweight Bout)Juan Carlos Burgos, 126 lbs. (6 – 0, 5KO) Sandoval`s Boxing Team, Tijuana, MEXPaul Mendoza, 126 lbs. (4 – 2, 1KO) Kid Melo Gym, Tijuana, MEX

Fight 4 (Boxing / Welterweight Bout)Pavel Miranda, 147 lbs. (8 – 1, 7KO) Sandoval`s Boxing Team, Tijuana, MEXJuan Carlos Urias, 147 lbs. (4 – 4, 3KO) Cheto`s Boxing Club, Tijuana, MEX

Fight 5 (MMA Bout)Michel Garcia, 165 lbs. (4 – 1) Team Minetti, Montpellier, FranceNeal Abrams, 165 lbs. (0 – 0) Dunn`s Fight Academy, Sta. Clarita, CA

Fight 6 (Muay Thai / ITBO Middleweight National Title fight)Luis Bio, 160 lbs. (12 – 0 Amateur / 0 – 0) Guardado`s Gym, Ensenada, MEXGabriel Medina, 160 lbs. (2 – 0) Pit Bull Gym, Tijuana, MEX

Fight 7 (Muay Thai / ITBO Light Heavyweight National Title fight)Omar JimĂ©nez, 175 lbs. (3 – 0) Lozano`s Vale Todo, Tijuana, MEX Erik Osorio, 175 lbs. (2 – 2) Pit Bull Gym, Tijuana, MEX

Fight 8 (MMA Bout)Virgilio Lozano, 185 lbs. (3-0-1) Lozano`s Vale Todo, Tijuana, MEX David Webber, 185 lbs. (0 – 0) Dunn`s Fight Academy, Sta. Clarita, CA

Fight 9 (Kick Boxing / IKBA Jr. Welterweight World Title fight)Jose Guardado, 140 lbs. (14 – 1, 12 KO) Guardado`s Gym, Ensenada, MEXRajesh Narine, 140 lbs. (12 – 0, 4 KO) Team Norwalk Muay Thai, Norwalk, CA

Fight 10 (MMA / Main Event bout)Chris Brennan, 160 lbs. (17-9-1) Next Generation, Irving, CAJoey Alvarado, 160 lbs. (3 – 2) Raza MMA & Machado BJJ, Los Angeles, CA

Reto Maximo is looking to include a couple more bouts with the following fighters on stand by to be matched:

Raul Arvizu, 170 lbs, 5 – 1, Entram Gym & Lister Fight Center, TJ / San Diego.Shannon Gugerty, 160 lbs, 4 – 0, Lister Fight Center, San Diego, CAMike “El Verdugo” Seal, 190 lbs, 8 – 9 – 1, Lozano`s Vale Todo, Tijuana, MXDon Rocco, 205 lbs, 3 – 0, FightworX & Rocco Fight Team, Glendora, CA

Fight Card subject to change*

Larry Landless Official RefereeWilliam Catzin, MD / CONADE Supervising Medical ServicesBenjamin Sandoval, MD Ring DoctorALS Life Support Paramedics First Aid

Tijuana Athletic Commission Event Sanctioning Body International Thai Boxing Organization ITBO Sanctioning Muay Thai ChampionshipsInternational Kick Boxing Association IKBA Sanctioning Kick Boxing Championship

Further updates will be announced.

Reto Maximo VII – Championship Night!Sunday December 11th, 2005Tangaloo Club in Tijuana, Mexico.Doors open at 4:00 PM / Card starts at 6:00 PMGeneral Admission $30.00 dlls. / VIP seating $50.00 dlls. 18 and older with valid I.D. Tickets will be available starting November 10th. @ Tangaloo and outlets to be announced.

Hotel accommodations at CORONA PLAZA HOTEL, Tijuana.(Located about 300 yards from the fight venue)

Tangaloo Club has its own public parking providing security for your vehicle. Suggestion is to leave your vehicle on the US side of the border in San Ysidro and walk across to Mexico. No worrying about traffic, driving tickets, or directions. As you enter there are various transportation services available. Best option is Taxi Libre. Cabs are painted White & Red. Fare to Corona Plaza Hotel or Tangaloo Club is no more than $5.00 dollars for 1 to 4 persons boarding the cab.

For more Info and Fighter booking:Marco Perez (Tony)Reto Maximo & CFC – producerPhn (619) 341-4643 USAPhn (01152664) 675-4166 MEXNextel 125*318150*7Email: Venue

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