RETO MAXIMO VIII – Road To The Championships RD1!

RETO MAXIMO VIII – Road To The Championships RD1!Saturday February 25th, 2006 @ Baby Rock in Tijuana, MexicoDoors open at 3:30 PM / Fights at 5:00 PMGeneral Admission $30.00 dlls. / VIP $50.00 dlls. (All ages welcome)Tickets available at the door.

Reto Maximo promotions presents its 8th installment returning to one of the best entertainment clubs south of the border. Baby Rock discotheque.

Next weekend’s Saturday card will feature the first stage of two MMA elimination tournaments in two separate weight classes, 160 lbs and 175 lbs, as RD1 of the three date series that will produce division Champions. Out of the 8 men that participate in each bracket only four will advance to the second stage (RD2) of the tournament to be held in the first week of May; the final RD3 scheduled for mid July will face the finalist disputing the Championship Titles!

Continuing with the production format that is now becoming a distinctive feature in Reto Maximo. the card includes 2 scheduled Muay Thai bouts and 4 Boxing matches… rounding a mixed fight card, with both experienced as well as outstanding up and comers, where fight fans will be treated to the thrills and excitement of each participating fight sport in a sensational night of action!

Official Fight Card:

Mixed Martial Arts / Championship Tournaments Matchups to be determined randomly at weighins / 7 possible matchups

160 lbs. / 8 Men Elimination Round 1(Registered fighters including Alternates)

Enrique Cuellar 160 lbs, 5 – 2, Cuellar’s Kick Boxing & Vale Tudo, Ags., Mexico (Enrique Cuellar)Rick Screeton 160 lbs, 2-2-1, Deth Ko Sin, San Diego, CA (Rick Screeton)Jamie Schmidt 160 lbs, 5 – 1, ACMMA, Phoenix, AZ (Mark Zee)Robert Emerson 160lbs, 3 – 6, Team Oyama, Irvine, CA (Collin Oyama)Mike Corey 160 lbs, 2 – 1 Next Generation, Irvine, CA (Chris Brennan)Adrian Camacho 160 lbs, 1 – 1, Rick Lucero BJJ, Glendora, CA (Rick Lucero / Don Rocco)Neal Abrams 160 lbs, 1 – 0, Dunn’s Sidekicks Fight Academy, Sta. Clarita, CA (David Dunn)Gilbert Salinas 160 lbs, 0 – 1, Riverside Submission, Riverside, CA (Frank Romero)Michael Bunyamanop 160 lbs, 0 – 1, Team Hayastan, Hollywood, CA (Gokor Chivichyan / Gene LeBell)Seth “2 Quick” Dikon 160 lbs, 0 – 0, Team Wild Man, Victorville, CA (Thomas Denny) Joe Torres 160 lbs, 0 – 0, Torres MMA, Holtville, CA (Joe Torres)

175 lbs. / 8 Men Elimination Round 1 (Registered fighters including Alternates)

Maurice “Mo Doom” Wilson 175 lbs, 8 – 3 ACMMA, Phoenix, AZ (Mark Zee)Jimmy Smith 175 lbs, 5 – 0, Aloisio Silva BJJ Fight Team, Lawndale, CA (Joe Camacho)Adam Leiman 175 lbs, 1 – 1, Riverside Submission, Riverside, CA (Frank Romero)

Muay Thai / 3 Rounds

Super Middleweight boutGabriel Medina 165 lbs, 2 – 1, 2KO, Pit Bull Gym, Tijuana, Mexico Vs.Jorge Luis Rodriguez 165 lbs, 4 – 2, 3KO, Tostado Kick Boxing Gym, Tecate, Mex

Cruiserweight bout / RematchErik Osorio 185 lbs, 3 – 2, 1KO, Pit Bull Gym, Tijuana, Mexico Vs.Salvador Leal 185 lbs, 3 – 2, 2KO, Guardado’s Gym, Ensenada, Mexico

Boxing / 4 – 6 Rounds

Super Bantamweight / 4 Rds.Carlos Morales 122 lbs, 4 – 0, 2KO, Azteca Gym, Tijuana, Mex. Vs.Adan “El Loco” Lopez 122 lbs, 3 – 2, 1KO, Lara Boxing, Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

Super Lightweight / 4 Rds.Eddie Mapula Jr. 140 lbs, 7 – 1, 1KO, Azteca Gym, Tijuana, Mex. Vs.Raymundo Verdugo 140 lbs, 3 – 3, 2KO, Lara Boxing, Los Mochis, Sinaloa

Featherweight / 6 Rds.Juan Carlos Burgos 126 lbs, 9 – 0, 6KO, Azteca Gym, Tijuana, Mex. Vs.Saul Lopez 126 lbs, 5 – 7, 4KO, Lara Boxing, Los Mochis, Sinaloa

Super Lightweight / 6 Rds.Pavel Miranda 140 lbs, 7-0-1, 5KO, Azteca Gym, Tijuana, Mex. Vs.Patricio Vazquez 140 lbs, 8 – 5, 3KO, Lara Boxing, Los Mochis, Sinaloa

Fight Card subject to change. Listed matches not necessarily in fight order.

Reto Maximo has now committed to provide a solid platform for professional fighters of the most popular combat sports in the world, be it MMA, Striking, or Grappling, to show case their talents and skills in a mixed fight card, to a wider media and fan base.

Official Referee for MMA:Larry Landless

Sanctioning Body:Tijuana’s Athletic Commission

Medical Supervisor:William Catzin, MD – CONADE

Ring Doctor:Benjamín Sandoval, MD

Paramedic Services:Tijuana’s Red Cross

Hotel accommodations at LA MESA INN HOTEL, Tijuana,

Baby Rock Club has its own parking providing security for your vehicle. Suggestion is to leave your vehicle on the US side of the border in San Ysidro and walk across to Mexico. You won’t have to worry about traffic tickets and/or directions. As you enter there are various transportation services available. Best option is Taxi Libre (Open Route Cab) service. Cabs are painted White & Red. Fare to La Mesa Inn Hotel or Baby Rock is no more than $5.00 dollars for 1 to 4 persons boarding the cab.

For Info, Tickets, and Fighter booking:Marco Perez (Tony)Reto Maximo / Mixed Battle Championship – producerPhn (619) 341-4643 USAPhn (01152664) 675-4166 MEXEmail:

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