Reverse Mounted Triangle

A Technique from Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBy BJJ.Org Featured Contributor Michael Jen

These techniques should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Practicing the moves incorrectly could result in serious bodily injury or death.This information was originally published on It is made available on BJJ.Org by the express permission of featured contributor Michael “Bolo” Jen.

1. Michael positions himself to attack with the downward shoulder wrench or straight arm bar. Sensing that his opponent is beginning to defend his arms, Michael chooses to alter his attack. 2. Falling to his right side, Michael shoots his right leg under his opponent’s head. Making sure to position his opponent’s neck directly between his knees, Michael crosses his ankles and straightens his legs to exert pressure on the neck. NOTE: Michael maintains control of the arm and will attack with a downward wrist flex should the head scissors fail. 3. Michael triangles his legs, squeezes his knees together and pulls his heels into his butt. 4. To finalize, Michael posts with his right hand and sits toward his left heel. NOTE: This is an extremely powerful technique and great care should be used in practice to avoid dislocating the jaw or fracturing teeth. The power of this technique comes from the body weight sitting on his jaw rather than just leg strength.

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