RING OF FIRE 30 main card announced!


RING OF FIRE 30: DOMINATION!! ROF promoter Sven BOOGIE Bean is happy toannounce the fight card for ROF 30:DOMINATION . The 12 bout MMA event willtakeplace on Saturday, September 15th 2007 at theBroomfieldEventCenter in Broomfield, Colorado.

UFC, K-1 and Strikeforce veteran, Duane BANG!Ludwig headlines a talent packed fight card. The cardwill have International appeal with fighters comingfrom 3 countries including multiple UFC veterans.

Also, for the second time in the seven year history ofthepromotion, all matches will take place in a cageinstead of a ring. ” We took a poll at the April event,when we first used the cage, and the response wasoverwhelming.” said promoter Sven Bean. “I wouldsay at least 95 percent of the fans were in favor of it,so I can pretty much say that the cage is here to stay”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Main Event: ROF USA vs. ROF Europe

Last year ROF opened it’s European branch inBelgrade, Serbia. The inaugural event was a hugesuccess and was covered in both the Europeanversions of Playboy and Maxim magazines. InFebruary of this year the first ROF European fighter,Damir made his US debut. At ROF 30 that traditioncontinues as Serbian fighter Dragan Bakulawillrepresent ROF Europe. Bakula, who bring 3-0 MMArecord combined with over 20 boxing matches, will befacing one of the most feared strikers in the sport.Duane BANG! Ludwig will represent ROF USAand islooking foward to the matchup. “The guy is good. Hehas great hand speed and punching power and haswon all of his mma fights. It’s hard to tell how good isground game is but the European fighters are suchgood athletes that they are always dangerous. He onlyhas a couplelosses in boxing also so I am excited to fight him. Ilovefighting at home, but besides just representingColorado, I’m representing the US here too. It addssomepressure for sure, but that will just make me trainharder!” said Ludwig.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~205 lb CHAMPIONSHIP

It has been said you are not a champion when you winthe belt, rather you are a true champion when youdefend it. ROF Light Heavyweight Champion EliotFIRE Marshall couldn’t agree more. The BJJBlackbeltadded ROF champ to his long list of credentials inApril when he defeated Marcus Sursa via submission.The task of defending the belt will not be an easy oneas faces his toughest challenge to date. CanadianRob MAXIMUS McDonald is a 3 time UFCveteran andappeared on season 2 of the Ultimate Fightertelevison series. Macdonald was the 2002, 2003,2004 Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Champion. In 2003, he wasranked #2 by the IKF in Kickboxing (amateur)and has an extensive wrestling background. “I havebeen training harder than ever for this fight and I lookat this as the biggest fight of my career thus far. EliotMarshall is the real deal, his credentials in the fightworld and BJJ world speak for themselves.Myself and my trainers Shah Franco and Brian Bynoehave put together a great game plan for success andwith hard work Im confident it will pay off.I really just want to be the best fighter in the world andreach my potential as an athlete. Winning the Ring ofFire title and fighting quality opponents like Eliot bringme closer to that goal.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~115 lb FEATURE BOUT

Women’s combat sports has shown an incredibleincrease in fan support in the last few years.Promotions such as Strikeforce, Elite XC and BodogFights have consistantly featured female athletes. Recently the Oxygen Channel contributed with thereality based program Fight Girls. One of the stars ofthat series, Michelle Waterson will return toMMA competition at ROF 30. Waterson is known asmuch for her good looks as for her fighting ability. Hernickname “The Karate Hotty” comes from her work asa Hooters girl and bikini model. But don’t judge thebook by the cover, Waterson can fight. She has beentrained in the martial arts from an early ageprogressing from Kung Fu to Muay Thai, andeventually BJJ and MMA. While based in Denver, shetrains her ground game at Team Jackson’s inAlbuquerque, NM. Currently 1-1 in MMA, Waterson ishoping to continue to represent MMA in a positive wayfor women all over the world. Her opponent also has abase in Muay Thai but has progessed to MMA. ActionMMA fighter Jaime Cook relies heavily on herstand upskills but is also very comfortable on the ground. Shehas a perfect 2-0 record in MMA. She has finishedboth opponents by TKO, with one having a 30 lbweight adavantage. Cook is also the sparring partnerand teamate of top ranked Bodog fighter ShaynaBaszler.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~175 lb FEATURE BOUT

UFC veteran Chad Reiner has a reputation forbeingone of the hardest workers in the industry. He prideshimself on his conditioning and feels that is hisstrongest weapon in the cage. This was very evidentin his ROF 24 perfromance against Jay Jack. Reinerwas non stop in a punishing attack that gave him aunanimous decison after 3 rounds. He credits histime in the marines for instilling his work ethic whiletraining. Reiners record is an outstanding 18-4 and isa VFC Champion. Chilo Gonzalez has a love-haterelationship with the fans. Half the crowd wants to seehim win, the other to see him lose, but none the lessthey come to see him. He can appear brash, and oftentimes even disrespectful to his opponents. It’s all partof the game to Gonzalez however and see’s it as away to get into his opponents head. When askedabout his opponent, true to character he responded “He is a really good fighter. I respect his wrestling but Ijust wonder how many teeth he is willing to losebefore he gives up a submission!”. Gonzalez is aWEC veteran with tremendous athletic ability. He hashad an up and down career but always bringsagression, intensity and tenacity in the cage. Gonzaleznormally fights at middleweight and Reiner preferswelterweight so a catch weight of 175 lbs was agreedupon for the bout.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~265 lb FEATURE BOUT

ROF has long been known as a launch pad forfighters careers. But it has also been known mostlyfor the lower weight classes. That is all about tochange on September 15th. One of the most athleticheavyweights in the game will make his long awaitedROF debut. Shane MONSTER Carwin is aNCAA Division II National Wrestling Champion, 3 time NCAA Division II Wrestling All-Americanand a 2 time NCAA Division II Football All-American.He stand 6’4″ tall and weighs 265 lbs. He also has aperfect 5-0 record in MMA. Once you get past the sheersize of carwin, you would be hard pressed to believehe is a fighter. The “gentle giant” is very calm, politeand respectful… unless you happen to be standingacrossthe cage from him. Once the cage door closes and thebell rings the Monster comes out. None of hisprevious 5 matches have made it past the first roundand he has finished all of his opponents. RickNOTORIUS Slaton has a bit of a bad reputation.Slaton waspart of the now infamous Ultimate Athlete show in2002 . Hehas also had his fair share of scrapes with the law,but has sinceseen the error of his ways. With a new outlook and afresh start Rick is ready to take the MMA world bystorm. He has channeled his energy into training andwants to make a serious run at becoming a threat inthe heavyweight division. Rick has sought out some ofthe best trainers in the San Diego area to helpimprove his game. His last fight was in October of2006 where scored a TKO victory at the Total Combat17 event.Life is all about secondchances, but the Badboy has a mountain to climb anda monster to slay to fulfill his dream.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UNDERCARD BOUTS

The preliminary and undercard matches will round outan amazing night of fights. Some of the best up andcoming fighters in the region are featured includingBrandon Thatch, Cody Donovan, Kenneth Seegrist,Jesse Henely, SethBregman, Brad Fox, Jason Ramstedder, RalstonBaker and Sean Doherty.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WORLD CLASS ARENA

The 45 million dollarBroomfield Event Center opened in Novemberof 2006. It ishome to the Colorado RAGE hockey teamand the Colorado 14ers basketball franchise. Thefacility is state of the art and there is not a bad seatin the house.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!!

Tickets for the event are on sale now and can bepurchased at the Event Center Box Office,

Charge byphone at 303-410-T I X S, or online at www.broomfieldeventcenter.com (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=n6gh6dcab.0.ecme68bab.bfwx5vbab.3169&ts=S0270&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.broomfieldeventcenter.com). Ticket Prices are$25.00, $35.00 and $55.00 for reserved seating (faciltyfees not included).

As always if you would like to see the show in style8 seat VIP tables or VIP Party Suitescan be reserved at303-246-5237

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ROF 30 COMMERCIAL

Click the ROF logo on the right to see the 30 secondTVcommercial for the event.

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