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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 23 January, 2008 – RioHeroes, the most controversial fight league in the world is back in 2008 and stronger then ever, broadcasting another free live event on Jan. 29th, 2008. The Vale Tudo fight league, where contenders compete without gloves, rounds, or time limits, displays what they call, “The purest form of fighting in the world.” After acknowledging that students of all fighting disciplines have begun to practice what they see on T.V., and not necessarily what will best prepare them for real life situations, the company’s phones have been swamped by gyms and training facilities expressing their gratitude for displaying such events for their students to see.

In the first match-up of the evening, Leiarte Azevedo squares off against Fabio Oliveira. Considered the most controversial fighter in RioHeroes, the 167-pound Leiarte Azevedo is a Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu specialist who has been known to fight for over 30 minutes, non-stop, in RioHeroes. But he is going up against a fighter with similar fighting skills, Fabio Oliveira, who will be making his RioHeroes debut. If he makes it past Oliviera, Azevedo hopes for a second rematch against Ivanildo “Cafu” Santos, who dominated Leiarte in their last battle during RioHeroes 13.

Santos will need to shake off the explosive raw power of Ricardo Caetano in the second qualifying match of RioHeroes 14. Caetano, a 143-pound Jiu Jitsu instructor, lost his RioHeroes 11 debut and is itching to prove his skills against Cafu’s lighting quick Capoeira techniques. Cafu has proven himself worthy by already claiming the RioHeroes 6 title. In the third qualifier, Dangelo Viera steps into the ring for the first time against Isaac “Nanico Black” Tavares, a Capoeira specialist vying for his first RioHeroes victory.

In the most anticipated qualifier of the night, William Viana will battle Atila Lima in a rematch of the RioHeroes 11 final. In RH11, Viana outlasted Lima in a grueling clash to win the super lightweight belt. Whether Viana can hold on to his title remains to be seen. Lima is gunning hard for him this time, and will not go down without a fight. “If you thought you’ve seen extreme fighting in 2007, just wait and see what RioHeroes is going to bring our fans in 2008,” says RioHeroes President, Jason Atkins. “We are going to kick off the year with an explosion.”

About showcases Vale Tudo fighting in its purest form. Broadcasting live from a steel cage in Rio De Janeiro, Rio Heroes fighters compete without gloves, rounds or time limits in no-holds barred action. The league embraces the highest levels of honor and integrity common among all Vale Tudo masters.

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