Roger Gracie vs Don Frye

As we have all known for quite some time, 6 times World BJJ Champion and current World ADCC Absolute Champion Roger will be making his long awaited MMA debut against Don Frye on November 4th 2006. It is the headliner SUPERFIGHT of a Russia v USA undercard. Roger and Don Frye already signed their respective contracts and will step into a ring to face each other during three rounds of five minutes each. The event will be promoted by MFC organization. Don Frye who is a vetern of MMA starting in the UFC and holds a record of 16 wins, 5 loses, 1 Draw and 1 contest has a record of 9 Submissions and 5 TKO’s.

Roger arrives to the UK this week and then in September he travels to New York to train with Renzo and team for 2 months to get prepared for his fight with Frye.

The pressure is on after 3 Gracie’s have lost in MMA this year, which 2 lost by KO. SInce Renzo, no Gracie has shown the potential or has the expectancy that surrounds the likes of Roger. Royce has just been a side show since his dominace in the early UFC’s. The Gracies for the first time in modern MMA history will have a high level modern day Jiu Jitsu champion fighting.

Gracie magazine reports:

“It is worthy remembering that in 1996 Don Frye defeated Amaury Bitetti. Despite the fact he had different weight, spread and techniques than Roger, Bitetti was considered a Jiu-Jitsu top fighter back then the same way the Gracie is nowadays (alongside with Xande Ribeiro). There was another big similarity: Carlson and Osvaldo Alves pupil was also looking for rehabilitation. Amaury was coming from a disastrous defeat to a capoeira representative called Mestre Hulk. His impetus was big, maybe more than enough. When he rushed into Frye’s direction Bitetti was surprised by a fighter with a solid base, an efficient ground and pound and stylish mustache.”

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