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To my mma friends,Hey guys… Randy Harris who does all of the Ryan Bennett auctions on EBay has just listed mine and 3 other artists print rendition of Chuck Liddell. They are signed by the 4 of us as well as Chuck. All proceeds go 100% to the Ryan Bennett foundation. Ryan was a great guy and many of you were touched by Ryan in some shape or form. Over a year after his untimely death he is still missed and this is my proactive-ness in not forgetting him. I was on a mission to gather not only good people, but who I consider the best MMA artists in the world to help me put this together. Scott Blair, Myself, Justin McAllister, and Matthew Kaplowitz all teamed up with Chuck Liddell and Randy Harris to get this whole process done. Finally it all came together and Randy Harris has our prints up on Ebay this evening. So I send this email out to all of you to make you aware that we are doing this for Ryan’s family. In his death I am choosing to go the extra mile for him as he would have done for any of us in life. Let your friends know. Let Chuck fans know. Let any of the 4 artists fans know. Let anyone you think MAY even be remotely interested know. Whomever you would like… Like I said, I wanted to do whatever I could to help out the Bennett family. So when an opportunity presented some of us to help out, all those involved seized it. So thank you to the aforementioned artists, Randy Harris, Chuck Liddell, and especially Melissa Henricks. All those people were what made this project come to fruition.Thanks guys!Evan Shomanwww.shomanart.com

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