Samurai JJ Pro Event recap

 The Samurai Pro JJ event took place this last Sunday at Cal State Dominguez Hills in Carson, Ca. The event had nearly 200 competitors from various school, belt levels, and tournament experience. They ran a six mat set-up, and had only one division going at a time in terms of belt level. There was prize money to be won, but it was in the absolute division. To compete in the absolute you had to win your own division by weight, belt, and age. The even took nearly all day, but there was great matches, great finishes, and a mixture of emotions. just the typical BJJ tournament for any that have watched.

Above is a match featuring Sean Roberts who is an OTM Fightshops sponsored brown belt. He had not competitors in his weight class so he advanced directly to the absolute division. The above match was his first of the competition. He was actually behind on points until the sub came. He went on to defeat two more opponents by submission, which is rare at such a high level. Finally he faced Brian Morizi in the final, but he unfortunately did not win. He took first in his division, and second in the absolute division. To check out Sean he trains and teaches out of Ralph Gracie’s academy.


Brian comes from Atos Jiu Jitsu who was the biggest winner overall. They won the tournament in teams easily taking many top spots. On top of winning the Brown belt absolute their fighters also finished out the purple division as well with Mike Liera and Mike Carbalito taking gold and silver. For more champions and full results check back later, because as soon as the Samurai event coordinators put up the results we will have them on the website for full viewing. As for now check out a black belt match from the event by using this link.

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