Scandinavian BJJ belt grades

Scandinavian BJJ belt grades: this list is by no means complete and exhaustive, they were compiled with the help of all the academies I trained at throughout my trip; Scandinavian BJJ belt grades: this list is by no means complete and exhaustive, they were compiled with the help of all the academies I trained at throughout my trip; there were many clubs I did not have time to visit and upgrades occur all the time, but I hope this list provides readers with an overview of the size and scale of BJJ within Scandinavia chances are, should you step into foreign competition, that you’ll find yourself on the mats with any number of grapplers in the list below: good luck!

Black belts

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Brown belts

Richard Bohlenius SBJJA Stockholm Marcelo Yogui Peter Blackwell MMA Alliance Leo Nagao Leo Neves MMA Alliance Leo Nagao Rickard Anderssen Hilti BJJ Murilo Bustamante Markku Juntunen MMA Alliance Alexander Paiva Christian Kennedy Christian Kennedy

Purple belts

Pilo Stylin SBJJA Gothenburg Rolle Cronestad SBJJA Gothenburg Lennert Persson SBJJA Stockholm Jon Olav Einemo SBJJA Oslo Joachim Hansen SBJJA Oslo Jakob Sverre SBJJA Trondheim Jari Sivula Alliance Helsinki Juha Jarvinen Alliance Helsinki Asko Hattuniemi Alliance Helsinki Jussi Holpainen Alliance Helsinki Jussi Tammelin Alliance Helsinki Lasse Kalmi Alliance Helsinki Yka Leino Finnfighters Gym Martin Lindqvist Hilti BJJ David Bielkheden Hilti BJJ Mikael Grothe Hilti BJJ Jason Brudvik Carlson Gracie Revolution August Wallen Roy Harris Miakel Kretz MMA Lund Omar Bouiche MMA Alliance Waldo Zapata MMA Alliance Stephan Seidl MMA Alliance Arben Latifi MMA Alliance

Blue belts

Jimmy Olsson SBJJA Stockholm Viser Kelmendi SBJJA Stockholm Sadri Kelmendi SBJJA Stockholm Charles Thomas SBJJA Stockholm Patrick Cederlof SBJJA Stockholm Christian Delevag SBJJA Stockholm Henrik Ottosson SBJJA Stockholm Niklas Zachrisson SBJJA Stockholm Chris Hermestad SBJJA Oslo Nils Grimsmo SBJJA Trondheim Bernt Tore Bratane SBJJA Trondheim Magne Saxegaard SBJJA Trondheim Jari Gardziella (4*) Alliance Helsinki Asko Aalto (4) Alliance Helsinki Markus Sankari (3) Alliance Helsinki Mikko Rouvali (3) Alliance Helsinki Juuso Harma (3) Alliance Helsinki Teemu Toroi (3) Alliance Helsinki Mika Ilmen (2) Alliance Helsinki Jari Lindberg (2) Alliance Helsinki Oskar Eklof (2) Alliance Helsinki Joona Jurvanen (2) Alliance Helsinki Sami Lehtinen (2) Alliance Helsinki Janne Lappalainen(2) Alliance Helsinki Lauri Ahmas (2) Alliance Helsinki Boris Stefanov (2) Alliance Helsinki Jaakko Tuomimaki(2) Alliance Helsinki J-P Heinanen (2) Alliance Helsinki Jani Holtta (2) Alliance Helsinki Mikko Salomma (2) Alliance Helsinki Joonas Makila (1) Alliance Helsinki Joni Haivola (1) Alliance Helsinki Joonas Nurminen (1) Alliance Helsinki Teppo Pennanen Alliance Helsinki Tuomas Murdoch Alliance Helsinki Esko Laaksonen Alliance Helsinki Helena Stigman Alliance Helsinki Jouni Siren Alliance Helsinki Kilwa Arola Alliance Helsinki Sergei Polishuk Alliance Helsinki Tommy Valkky Alliance Helsinki Navid Yousetti Hilti BJJ A Pourmanouchehri Hilti BJJ David Lejenas Hilti BJJ Patrick Isberg Hilti BJJ Altan Celik Hilti BJJ Johnny Larsson Hilti BJJ Ake Olsson Hilti BJJ Matt Svenson Hilti BJJ Peder Soderlind Hilti BJJ Piotr Jakoczynski Hilti BJJ Veija Nyman Hilti BJJ O Pourmanouchehri Hilti BJJ Henrik Larson Hilti BJJ Richard Flodfalt Hilti BJJ Marcus Widengren Hilti BJJ Petter Fruling Hilti BJJ Peter Bonde Hilti BJJ Josef Schreiber Hilti BJJ Alex Berischa Hilti BJJ Mathias Stalas Hilti BJJ Johan Lindberg Hilti BJJ Gunnar Blomqvist MMA Udevalla Tony Larsson MMA Udevalla Bobby Sundell MMA Alliance Musse Hasselvall MMA Alliance Niclas Gustafsson MMA Alliance Mikael Nilsson MMA Alliance Fredrik Wiberg MMA Alliance Panos Theodoridis MMA Alliance Isaak Theodoridis MMA Alliance Matthias Osterdahl MMA Alliance Miro Svikovic MMA Alliance Filip Savic MMA Alliance Peder Lofving MMA Alliance Robert Dahl MMA Alliance Miguel Soto MMA Alliance Victor Duarte MMA Alliance Karim Makdomi MMA Alliance Per Eklund MMA Alliance Olof Inger MMA Alliance John Andric MMA Alliance Stefan Eriksson MMA Alliance Martin Johansson MMA Alliance Kenta Hammarstrom MMA Alliance Jan Frandegard MMA Alliance Deo Matsson MMA Alliance Yoel Grundemark MMA Alliance Azmi Savallampi MMA Alliance John Andric Malmo MMA

Female blue belts

Camilla Gjelsten SBJJA Oslo Devi Ahuja SBJJA Oslo

(* Numbers denote stripes)

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