Scott Nelson Jiu-Jitsu After Dark Podcast Interview

OTM and Lucky Gi founder Scott Nelson joins Jiu-Jitsu After Dark podcasters Jon and Chris for an interview about all things BJJ. First, they obviously talk about the roots of BJJ and the early days of Gi making which led Nelson to create the OTM brand and the Lucky Gi specialty brand as we have entered the golden era of Jiu Jitsu Gis.

They also hit on the modern state of the game with the new competitions that seem to be popping up and as people try to transition it to a fringe sport to more in the social consciousness.¬†Also, they talk about the revolution that has been going on in the Gi market as well as Nelson’s newest foray into helping the BJJ athlete. He has taken care of keeping them in the best Gi possible on the mat but now it is about taking care of their needs off the mat as well.

They talk about the CHIPSA Hospital in Baja California where they treat for all kinds of ailments from alternative cancer treatments to things that affect the normal athlete. This place has revolutionary treatments like ibogaine that has helped many people kick addictions as well, which is all to prevalent in sports with the painkiller addiction that has effect numerous people. Check out this interview to get your share of BJJ nostalgia and what one of the original American BJJ creators thinks the future will look like.

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