Sean Roberts takes home Double-Gold from Grapplers Quest at the UFC Fan Expo

This past weekend Sean traveled to Las Vegas to compete in the Grapplers Quest at the UFC Fan Expo. Sean took home two gold medals by winning both the Brown Belt middleweight division and the Brown Belt absolute division. He had five fights in total for the day.


OTM: Tell us about your matches, Sean.

SEAN: My first match in my division was against Steven Martinez from Millenia. I swept him, he took me down, and then I swept him again. The score was 4-2 when I arm barred him at about 4 minutes. My next match was against Sean Peters from Behring Jiu-Jitsu. He was my toughest fight of the day. I was unable to submit him but ended up winning on points 6-2. My last fight was against Art Ramirez from Check Mat. He pulled guard on me, and I was able to control him from top and passed and got knee on belly. He regained half guard and swept me and I swept him right back and landed in side control where he reversed me and was in my full guard and then I arm locked him from closed guard to win first place.

Next was the Brown Belt Absolute division. My first match was against Morris Ayala from Robert Drysdales. I pulled guard on him and then he backed away and sat down and I came on top to get two points. He started attacking my legs, which I was able to defend so he scrambled on top and I caught him in a triangle. My last fight was against John Diggins from SBG. It was a sweep battle and I ended up catching him in a deep triangle where I was sure he was going to tap. He didn’t tap so I swept him to mounted triangle where he still didn’t tap. This was probably the first time anyone survived such a deep triangle from me. I ended up giving up the triangle and got him in an armlock where he tapped.


OTM: You have been very busy competing these past few months. Tell us what tournaments you did and how you placed.

SEAN: A few months back I did the American Cup in San Jose. I had very tough opponents in my division including, Tanner Rice, Adam Piccolotti, Nathan Mendelsohn, and Matthew Todd. My first fight I defeated Nathan Mendelsohn with a footlock. Then I fought Adam Piccolotti who had just beaten me in the Pan Ams on points. This was one of my best matches of late, submitting with an arm bar in under a minute to take home the Gold.

After the American Cup, I had a superfight in the NorCal Open with a guy who was much bigger than me from Cesar Gracies. I took his back and was able to submit him with a standing bow and arrow.

Two weeks ago I competed in the LA Open in Carson, where I also took home double gold with all submissions defeating Sebastian Broche from Frontline Norway in the open weight final. Sebastian is someone I have been wanting to fight since I knew he was really good and had never fought him.


OTM: What is next for you?

SEAN: I am going to Costa Rica on the 14th of July to teach a Jiu-Jitsu camp with David Ruiz from Colorado. I am really looking forward to this. As for tournaments, I will decide as the dates get closer.

I am anxious to get my black belt, as I believe I will be able to do some damage in the black belt division,

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