Sequoia HS BJJ Club Needs the Communities Help!

Established in Summer of 2013, the Sequoia High School Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club has grown from just 3-4 students to 22 boys and 6 girls.  We train Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2:15PM to 3:30PM as part of an after school enrichment program.  Students are instructed by Cleber Luciano/Tom Knox Brown Belt and English teacher Niels Burgess.  He is a multiple National, Pan, and World Jiu Jitsu Champion.  We started with a 20 year-old wrestling mat, but this no longer meets the needs of our students.  Because of our growing numbers, several students need to take turns on the mat during drills.  The top layer is delaminating and we’re running out of duct tape!  We are humbly asking for donations so we can purchase a larger used Dollumar Flex-Connect mat which allows us to roll up and store the mat when not in use (we share space with the cafeteria).

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu provides an excellent energy outlet in a structured, supervised, and safe setting which allows students to see the direct connection between applied focus and results. Students will gain confidence and self control as they progress through the BJJ ranking system. Higher ranked students mentor and coach lower ranked students. Regular competition (“rolling”) between teammates and in tournaments provides students with a healthy opportunity to safely and effectively demonstrate their hard earned skills. Students manage themselves by realizing that emotion and wild, wasted effort is antithetical to effective technique in BJJ. Along with practice and drilling, students learn the history of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, including Brazilian and Japanese culture, competition rules, and martial arts philosophy.

We are sending a team of students to compete at Grappling X in Clovis, CA March 30th and Copa Pacifica April 27th.  

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So far we have raised almost $1000 toward our goal of $4500 for new mats.  Any amount you are willing to donate is appreciated!  All proceeds go toward the new mat.

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