Sergio Junior celebrates victory in Curitiba and awaits Crocotá in the Jungle

Sergio Junior was one of the highlights of the Arena Gold Fights 2, which happened last Saturday in Curitiba, Brazil. The fighter knocked out the tough Thiago Bel, from Chute Boxe, and was happy with his performance.


"I try to always do what I know best, that is to knock out, and everything went right", Junior said, still speaking of the controversy after his celebration, which left some fans elated, "I think that provocation and rivalry has to have, he provoked me at the weigh-in and I answered in the ring. Never missed with respect to any athlete and I think I did not miss him too. It’s like when we make a goal, we have to celebrate. I think I pity the staff of his academy had this philosophy of not talking with us when they lose, but I respect him and he will give too much work. I wanted to talk to him after the fight, but nobody left. I’m upset because I have 28 fights and just could not talk to four athletes, the rest all speak with me today".


Two weeks after facing Bel, Junior will have a more difficult challenge ahead. He will face Edilberto Crocotá in one of the main fights of the Jungle Fight by Pretorian, that happens in the next day, the 31st, in Natal.


"I will fight in my city and I’ll try to give a show. He is a good opponent, it will be a tough fight. Let’s try to make the best fight of the night", he said.

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