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Saturday, November 2nd-The Nova União Academy located in South Zone of Rio de Janeiro was the stage for the return of SHOOTO Brazil (edition #10) under a new organization and a new president. Now SHOOTO Brazil has such as the president the Nova União founder André Pederneiras and he resolved to organize the event inside Upper Academy.Do not think this was an amateur event with small crowd. Of course inside an academy the crowd was a mass of eyewitness, however the gala environment was noticed when tables and chairs were very well shared around the ring. And he audience was nearly entirely formed by guests and other selected people who could pay for the ticket. The event had a buffet to provide drinks and food, making the event look-a-like a gala one.

All the fights were disputed in professional mode and the main Brazilian teams had representatives there: BTT, Gracie Barra CT, RFT, Alexandre Pequeno, Top Brother and the own Nova União were there.

The fights:

William Viana of Tata JJ rear naked choked Leonardo “Ligeirinho” Rodrigues (Top Brothers) in second stanza. Ligeirinho did not get to impose his takedown game and jeopardize himself a lot on R1. A knockdown was seen in Viana’s favor and the R2 was when the TataJJ representative took advantage of the damage and fatigue of Ligeirinho to submit the fight at 4:40.

Classic and exciting battle involving Fabio Issa (Nova União) against Gracie Barra CT up-and-coming fighter; Amilcar Alves. Issa escaped from three anaconda chokes very well sunk and got to connect a right-cross which forced Alves to walk back. However the kicks and the submission attempts sunk rendered to the Gracie Barra guy the nod by decision.

Ronys Torres (Nova Uniao) completely dominated Leonardo “Tangerina” Carvalho (Gracie Barra CT) by taking the fight down and working gnp. Second round was a replay and Torres got a kimura at 1:50 of that round.

BTTer Emerson Ferreira felt the MMA debut and did not enough to control Andre “Chuck Norris” Santos (RFT), who won by TKO at 4:20 of R2.

Te round 2 was becoming the moment of truth on this event, and in the following fight Giovanni Diniz (Nobre Arte/Nova União) submitted Alessandro Tiolo (Mangueira Fight) by anaconda choke at 2:17.

Matheus Trindade of BTT finished off his opponent, Alexander Andreotti (Ruas Vale-Tudo) by triangle at R1. Trindade used the ABCs of his fighting style, taking Andreotti down when the RVT member threw low kick. On the mat, Trindade gained side control and got a mount instantaneously. So he got Andreotti’s arm under control and forced a tapout with a triangle lock in 80 seconds of round one.

Japan versus Peru in fight number #8: when Joao Batista Yoshimura TKO’d Diego “Akita” Arturo in 3:18 of round one. They trade punches frankly and Yoshimura connect a straight in the face of Akita who bled through left eye brow. The doctors checked the cut and did not allow him to return. This was the first pro MMA victory of Yoshimura who fights under Nova União in Brazil and under Hard Combat in Japan.

Semi main-event had not enough action when Wendell Oliveira (Mangueira Fight) threw several knees on the face of Julian “Jaba” Soares (RFT), who dropped and got choked by guillotine choke at 2:50 of round one.

The best fight of the night was between Marlon Sandro (Nova União) and Erinaldo “PitBull” (GBCT). Sandro knew the best on the feet game of PitBull and took the fight down by slam, gaining the side control, PitBull got a half guard and the fight came back to their feet. PitBull tried a spinning punch that missed and once again he saw Marlon put him down. Sandro worked furiously with punches on the stomach and on the head of PitBull. The first stanza was the Sandro’s one, and he repeated the same technique until the half of R2, when the low-kicks of PitBull were effectives. Round three was a war, and if PitBull was not so fatigued, he probably would get a KO. However a final takedown of Marlon guaranteed a decision win for him.

Main event featured SHOOTO Amateur 56kgs champion, Daniel Otero of Fabricio JJ against Tomihiro Hasay (Purebred/Nova União). The World BJJ champion, Otero waited until Hasay opened a gad and took the fight down. Even Hasay was a black belt of BJJ, Otero had an easy job of passing the guard and get the mount. After to stabilize himself on the mount position, Otero, unloaded a barrage of punches that forced the referee to stop that in 4:20 of round 1.

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