SOUL CUP Tournament- Philadelphia, PA

Many local academies and the top BJJ academies in Philly contributed to the competitor field.This past weekend September 3rd and 4 had some great events for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the Philadelphia areas. The Soul Cup Submission Grappling Tournament was a success for the next generation of competitors. Special thanks to the many product sponsors that made it a professional event, while much planning and many friends helped the tournament run smoothly. Some of the black belts in attendance included: Steve Maxwell, DC Maxwell, Alex Britto, Jared Weiner, Rosendo Diaz and Rodrigo Medeiros. Many local academies and the top BJJ academies in Philly contributed to the competitor field.

A special honor was given to Steve Maxwell for bringing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Philadelphia 15 years ago through the Gracie family. Competitors had much to say about the double elimination Soul Cup tournament because it was something different that was for the beginner no-gi fighter. Good vibes and individual team growth were all by-products of the day.

Much thanks to the Soul Cup Tournament product sponsors that included, Ouano International, Na Guarda Kimonos,, Kimonos Zillium, M Kimonos and Lutador Americano. All these companies supported the growth of Jiu-Jitsu.

SOUL CUP Submission Grappling Tournament Results:

Light Weight Academy

1st Tom Goldman Tri-State Martial Arts

2nd Kevin Rushton Tri-State Martial Arts

3rd John Lucas Tri-State Martial Arts

Middle Weight

1st Terry Dull RGDA

2nd Michael Kearse BJJ Revolution Team

3rd Richard Pietron Team Champion

Heavy Weight

1st Matthew Reid BJJ Revolution Team

2nd Jerry Hoggard BJJ United

3rd John Gorant Tri-State Martial Arts

Absolute Division

1st Matthew Reid BJJ Revolution Team

2nd John Gorant Tri-State Martial Arts

3rd Jery Hoggard BJJ United

Team Champion

1st Tri-State Martial Arts

2nd BJJ United

3rd BJJ Revolution Team

4th Rio Grappling Club

Most Technical Competitor:

Michael Kearse BJJ Revolution Team

SOUL CUP Instructor Special Honors:

Steve Maxwell

For over 400 pictures of the Soul Cup, visit

Jared Weiner: Very glad to see you and much thanks for all the support during day. You had a smile all day.

Gary: Hope you enjoyed the tournament. Major thanks for taking over 400 plus pictures and hours of fight footage.

DC Maxwell: Thanks for the products and support. It was great to see Steve and hearing about little Zak.

Rodrigo: Thank you for your support and energy over the last couple of months. Hope the surf is good…

Rose Gracie: Thanks for your long friendship, love and experience with tournament to help me out.__________________In a couple of years, all the competitors are going to look back and say, “I wish tournaments were like the SOUL CUP.”

To Josh, Luciana Machado and Tyler: Thank you very much for coming in and sponsoring the event. Great to see you both and I wish another 10 years of great kimonos. Tyler`s first event will always be the Soul Cup. Next time it is going to be bigger with more Philadelphia Academies coming together. It is the only way I will do it again…the way it should be!

Scotty, that was just the first day. Day two, Rodrigo Medeiros gave a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar to over 4 hours at the Revolution Academy in Levittown, PA. Rodrigo showed lots of positions to the students that attended. I asked one questioned about the S-mount, and Rodrigo went into all kinds of crazy positions using the opponent`s lapels at the bottom of the kimono…new and crazy. I can`t get into it here, but I told Rodrigo that this these are the positions I am going to be working on for the next 3 years!!!

OTM…keep training hard, fighting hard, and partying hard…

“little” Tony

Revolution Academy

1221 Oakland Ave

Levittown Pa 19056

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