Southern Open Tournament Report

Urban Gorillaz Southern Open Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament Report(European Fight Network Ltd)

With the long summer over and with everyone back training, the Southern Open was the first major tournament of the Autumn in the UK. Competitors had been eager to show their stuff after the long layoff and it showed. The super fight between Claudio ‘Mineiro’ Henrique from Brasa and Gracie Invitational brown belt winner, Nicolas Gregoriades from Roger Gracie Academy was fought at such a pace, even the crowd fell silent for a while with what apparently felt like shock. Claudio who makes his MMA debut in November came out with all guns blazing, taking Nic down twice in a matter of minutes, then almost getting his back a few times, going to the mount and placing on an ‘Americana’ only to be reversed and having to escape a choke and then escaping an arm bar himself. He eventually finished Nic with a choke in the final few seconds of the fight.

In the other super fight MMA fighter and Ze Marcello (BTT) Brown belt Danny batten, beat Gracie Barra’s Paul Bridges on points in a hard fought and very technical fight.

Fresh off his win in the Juvenile division at the Mundials, Braulio Estimas student Stephen Martin from Gracie Barra decided to enter the Adult division at the Blue belt Feather weight division and showed why he is one to look out for in the future. Sweeping aside strong opposition in Oliver Geddes and Sam Rice-Edwards from Roger Gracie Academy to win his division.

Another stand out from the tournament was Medium Heavy weight competitor in the white belt division, Delroy Mcdowell from BTT Ze Marcello. With a commanding performance and a large variety of take-downs, he won his division in what one competitor said “……. in style”.

Croation born MMA fighter and Roger Gracie blue belt Goran Reljic again repeated his dominating performance by winning the blue belt Super Heavy weight and the blue belt absolute division. Roger then awarded him his Purple Belt at the end of the competition.

The aim however by The European Fight Network for this tournament was the growth and future of BJJ in the UK. For the second time this year EFN held a Kids, Teen and Juniors division. With over 40 kids from the southern area of the United Kingdom, it was a chance to encourage the kids to make sure after we are gone, our beloved sport survives and are in safe hands.

(picture: Steve Haydock, Jude Samuel, Rodrigo Cabral, Felipe Souza, Roger Gracie and Thiago “Monstro” Borges)

Gracie Barra Derby gained 7 golds, 5 silvers and 2 bronzes to win the overall in the junior division.

A big thanks for all those that supported the event and helped run a very successful day.Felipe Souza, Jon Shotter, Andy Roberts, Rui Abrantes, Max Lima, Daniel Strauss, Dickie Martin, Nic Brooks, Rob Stevens, Neil Owen, Paul Bridges, Oliver Geddes, Pippa Granger, Mike Taylor, Greg Sulznan, Alex Ashby.

All the Coaches: Ze Marcelo, Roger Gracie, Felipe Souza, Pedro Bessa, Tiago Bordes, Steve Haydock, Rob Stevens, Luiz (Brasa), Eduardo Carriello, Dickie Martin, Dave Broughton, Eduardo Ferreira and anyone that we have forgot to mention.

All pictures taken by James Oluoch-Olunya from Tsavo

Northern Open will be in November!Date: Sunday November 25th 2007

Venue:Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centreand Golf CourseAlcester Road SouthKings Heath, Birmingham B14 6ER

Registration begin will begin next week.

Junior Teams 1st 2nd 3rd Total Gracie Barra Derby 7 5 2 80Team Brasa Wales 2 2 4 28Roger Gracie Academy 1 2 5 20Applied Fighting Systems 1 1 10Brasa 0 1 0 3 Adult Tam Results 1st 2nd 3rd Total Roger Gracie Academy 5 7 4 70BTT Ze Marcello 3 3 0 36Gracie Barra Derby 3 1 2 32Brasa Wales @ Akins academy 2 2 1 25Carlson Gracie Bjj Revolution Team 2 2 1 25Ricardo Da Silva jiu jitsu 2 0 1 19Nova Forca 1 1 1 13Brasa 1 1 0 12Carlson Gracie London 1 1 0 12Pedro Bessa Jiu Jitsu 1 1 0 12Applied Fighting Systems 1 0 2 11Nova Uniao 1 0 0 9Gracie Barra Birmingham 1 0 0 9Pedro Bessa Exeter 1 0 0 9Torbay BJJ Team Pedro Bessa 0 2 0 6Brixton MMA 0 1 1 4Brazilian Top Team Slough 0 1 0 3Gracie Barra Hastings 0 1 0 3Reading Reapers 0 1 0 3Shen-ti Academies 0 1 0 3Gracie Barra Lagarto 0 0 2 2Carriello Jiu-Jitsu 0 0 1 1Lagarto Doncaster 0 0 1 1Next Generation 0 0 1 1Sweatbox 0 0 1 1

Individual resultsJuniors

Age: 8 – 9 Weight: 32 – 35 kgs

Kaelum Lane Team Brasa WalesLewis Reed Gracie Barra DerbyJessica Winter Team Brasa WalesHaitsm Ajban Roger Gracie Academy

Age: 10 – 11 Weight: 38 – 40 kgs

Johan Osborn Gracie Barra DerbySohaib Ajban Roger Gracie AcademyAllan Hacatoroglu Roger Gracie Academy

Age: 9 – 10 Weight: 42 – 44 kgs

Ben Cooper Gracie Barra DerbyKatie Charlie Davies Team Brasa Wales @ Akins Academy

Age: 9 – 10 Weight: 27 – 31 kgs

Ayoub Hadria Roger Gracie AcademyJay Herridge Roger Gracie AcademyGareth Harris Team Brasa Wales @ Akins AcademyHassan Ahmed Roger Gracie Academy

Age: 13 – 14 Weight: 39 – 41 kgs

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. James Beardsmore Gracie Barra DerbyJosh Potts Gracie Barra DerbyKasper§ Roger Gracie Academy

Age: 13 – 14 Weight: 44 – 46kgs

Sean McDonagh Gracie Barra DerbyLouis East Team Brasa Wales @ Akins AcademyShani Testro Gracie Barra DerbyGary Harkin Roger Gracie Academy

Age: 13 – 14 Weight: 57 – 60kgs

Callum McPhee Team Brasa Wales @ Akins AcademyMike Lazzer Team Brasa Wales @ Akins AcademyRhian Irwin Team Brasa Wales @ Akins Academy

Age: 13 – 14 Weight: S.feather 53.50kg

Knight St Clair Gracie Barra DerbyBen Docherty Gracie Barra DerbyTaylor Martin Callem Jones

Age: 14 – 15 Weight: Light 58.00kg

Luke Jennings Gracie Barra DerbyLauren Reed Gracie Barra Derby

Age: 16 Weight: Heavy 79.00kg

Lawrence Searle applied fighting systemsJack Cronin BrasaJames Anderson applied fighting systems

Age: 14-15 Weight: Light 64.00kg

Layton Melladay Gracie Barra DerbyKane Davis Gracie Barra DerbyKimberley Osbiston Gracie Barra Derby

White Belt Division

Rooster 57.50kg Christine McDonagh Gracie Barra DerbyRichard Clover Nova ForcaAdam Ticehurst Brasa Wales @ Akins academy

Super feather 64.00kg Mark Stephenson Nova ForçaJames Normanshaw Gracie Barra DerbyConor Macleod Lagarto Doncaster

Feather 70.00kg Luiz Claudio finocchio Nova UniaoNoel Bartley Brixton MMADavid Hulland Gracie Barra Derby

Light 76.00kg Colin Penn Ricardo Da Silva jiu jitsuSean Maghami Carlson Gracie LondonSandip Sekhon Nova Força

Middle 82.30kg James Fletcher Gracie Barra BirminghamDaniel Birks Roger Gracie AcademyStuart Barclay Sweatbox

Medium Heavy 88.30kg Delroy Mcdowell BTT Ze MarcelloLaurie Neil Pedro Bessa Jiu JitsuGRZEGORZ NOWAK Roger Gracie Academy

Heavy 94.30kg Laurie Dodson Carlson Gracie Bjj Revolution TeamKeith Taylor Brazilian Top Team SloughPaul Shelton Gracie Barra Derby

Super Heavy -100.50kg RYAN MORGAN BRASA WALES AT AKINS ACADEMYTamas Istvan Carlson Gracie Bjj Revolution TeamStefan Cook Roger Gracie Academy

Super Super Heavy Over 100.50kg Janos Feher Carlson Gracie Bjj Revolution TeamAdrian Symons Brasa Wales @ Akins academyAlister Fulton

Absolute Luke Costello Pedro Bessa ExeterScott Taylor Reading ReapersColin Penn Ricardo Da Silva jiu jitsuFernando Veldi Gracie Barra Lagarto

Blue Belt Division

Rooster 57.50kg Greg Dummer Brasa Wales @ Akins academyRalph bennett Torbay BJJ Team Pedro Bessa

Feather 70.00kg Stephen Martin Gracie Barra DerbySam Rice- Edwards Roger Gracie Academy Oliver Geddes Roger Gracie Academy

Light 76.00kg David Broughton Carlson Gracie Bjj Revolution TeamGareth Dummer Brasa Wales @ Akins academyAlex Ashby Roger Gracie Academy

Middle 82.30kg Daniel Ballinger Ricardo Da SilvaGavin Loh Roger Gracie AcademyMarcin Tobera Carriello Jiu-Jitsu

Medium Heavy 88.30kg Jamil Sorouji Applied Fighting SystemsDominik Debrec Roger Gracie AcademyDave Pawan Applied Fighting Systems

Heavy 94.30kg Harry Purcell Roger Gracie AcademyTom Wilson Shen-ti AcademiesMichael Bailey Carlson Gracie Bjj Revolution Team

Super Heavy -100.50kg Goran Reljic Roger Gracie AcademyIan East Akins Academy

Absolute Goran Reljic Roger Gracie AcademyOliver Geddes Roger Gracie AcademyDave Pawan Applied Fighting Systems

Purple Belt Division

Super Feather 64.00kg Kevin Capel Roger Gracie AcademyChanaca Weerasinghe BTT Ze MarcelloSimon McGovern Gracie Barra Lagarto

Light 76.00kg Michael Russell David Lee BTT Ze MarcelloAustin Gardener Brixton mma

Middle 82.30kg Tim Radcliffe Nova ForcaGlyn Powditch StraigtBlastGym – ManchesterGareth Neale Gracie Barra Lagarto

Absolute Michael Russell Darren Yeoman Torbay BJJ Team Pedro Bessa

Brown Belt Divisions

Feather 70.00kg Danny Batten BTT Ze MarcelloPaul Bridges Gracie Barra Hastings

Medium Heavy 88.30kg Claudio ‘Mineiro’ Henrique BrasaNicolas Gregoriades Roger Gracie Academy

Womans Belt Divisions

Light Weight White Christina Mcoraga Gracie Barra DerbyPaula Carolina Brasa

Heavy Weight White Sasha Hook Pedro BessaBerenice Gold Carlson Gracie Revolution TeamHannah Radford Next Generation

Light Weight Blue Pippa Granger Roger Gracie AcademyKatie Rodd

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