Southwest Submission Grappling Challenge Video

Much more to come, we are uploading everything we shot!

Much more video to come! WE are uploading everything we shot from this event. Nearly four hours of footage total!  Southwest Submission Grappling Challenge 7-12-08 Results Overall Team Award 1st Place – Lovato’s School of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 2nd Place – Westside JJ 3rd Place – Apex Children Bantamweight Beginner 1st Place – Clare Layceson (Lovato) 2nd Place – Drake Madden (Lovato) Children Flyweight Beginner 1st Place – Aaron Bus (Apollo’s) 2nd Place – Lane Ainslie (OK Fight Club) 3rd Place – Summer Wakefield (Apex) Children Flyweight Advanced 1st Place – Kaleb Aguila (Militech) 2nd Place – Matthew Blandomer (Apex) 3rd Place – Freddie Burnett (Lion’s Den) Children Lightweight Beginner 1st Place – Blake Oltermann (Lovato) 2nd Place – Conal Persun (Lovato) Children Lightweight Advanced 1st Place – Gervace Aguila (Militech) 2nd Place – Makayla Jones (Lovato) Children Welterweight Beginner 1st Place – Jason Rader (Lovato) 2nd Place – Mason Hilton 3rd Place – Garret Cailmore (Apex) Children Welterweight Advanced 1st Place – Gabriel Evans (Apollo’s) 2nd Place – Jeremiah Evans (Apollo’s) 3rd Place – Austin Blandomer (Apex) Children Middleweight Beginner 1st Place – Danel Kner (Apollo’s) 2nd Place – Nick Tinney (Lovato/Dressler) 3rd Place – Joseph Grijalva (Lovato) Children Cruiserweight Beginner 1st Place – Gage Rogers (Apex) 2nd Place – Brandon Espigares (Apollo’s) Teenage Welterweight Advanced 1st Place – Dylan McMurphy (OK Fight Club) Teenage Middleweight Beginner 1st Place – Tyler Lambert (Lovato) 2nd Place – Keith Koehn (American Academy of Martial Arts) 3rd Place – Brett Carter (Westside JJ) Teenage Cruiserweight Beginner 1st Place – Chase Iraggi (Apex) Teenage Cruiserweight Advanced 1st Place – Jeramey Garcia (Garcia) 2nd Place – Dylan McMurphy (OK Fight Club) 3rd Place – Matt Jeffreys (Lovato) Teenage Heavyweight Beginner 1st Place – Billy Locke (Ki ilka) 2nd Place – Westin Vance (Peak Performance JJ) 3rd Palce – Ethan Plumlee (Apex) Teenage Heavyweight Advanced 1st Place – Julian Garcia (Garcia) 2nd Place – Jarred Garcia (Garcia) Teenage Absolute 1st Place – Jared Garcia (Garcia) 2nd Place – Westin Vance (Peak Performance JJ) 3rd Place – Jeramey Garcia (Garcia) Adult Female Absolute 1st Place – Victoria Kinsey (Omega BJJ) 2nd Place – Sarah Barker (Lovato) 3rd Place – Holly Voden (Lovato) Master Lightweight 1st Place – Danny Flores 2nd Place – David Herrod (Apex) 3rd Place – Jim Brady (Baker) Master Middleweight 1st Place – Terrance Jones (Lovato) 2nd Place – Trent Coe (Lovato) 3rd Place – Phil Paz (Apex) Master Cruiserweight 1st Place – Bobby Elrod (Lovato) 2nd Place – Javier Garcia (Garcia) Master Heavyweight 1st Place – James Jorwin (Apex) 2nd Place – Jeff Hicks (Lovato) Master Absolute 1st Place – Danny Flores 2nd Place – Danny Ethridge (Lovato) Adult Men Bantamweight Novice 1st Place – Reed Balentine (Westside JJ) 2nd Place – Kyle Pierce (B.O.F) Adult Men Flyweight Novice 1st Place – Jessie Morris (Omega BJJ) 2nd Place – Long Nguyen (Lovato) 3rd Place – Matt Upp (Westside JJ) Adult Men Featherweight Novice 1st Place – Clayton Summerville (Westside JJ) 2nd Place – Seth Cheshier (Westside JJ) 3rd Place – Brett Williams (Lovato) Adult Men Lightweight Novice 1st Place – Zach Martin (Lovato/Schwettman) 2nd Place – Shawn Flatford (Lovato/Dressler) 3rd Place – Eric Medina (B.O.F.) Adult Men Welterweight Novice 1st Place – William Coder (Lovato) 2nd Place – Harry Sill III (Lovato) 3rd Place – Taylor Johns (Lovato) Adult Men Middleweight Novice 1st Place – Turner McCully (Lovato) 2nd Place – Peter Schuelke (Reding) 3rd Place – Adult Men Cruiserweight Novice 1st Place – David Adair 2nd Place – David Sweeting Jr. (Lovato) Adult Men Heavyweight Novice 1st Place – Cody Jacoway (Lovato) Adult Men Superheavyweight Novice 1st Place – Cody Jacoway (Lovato) 2nd Place – Michael Wickware (Lovato) 3rd Place – Timothy Bennett (Fight Mob) Adult Men Bantamweight Beginner 1st Place – Aaron Cowan (Lovato) 2nd Place – Bill Rohacik (Lovato) 3rd Place – Clint Hughes Adult Men Flyweight Beginner 1st Place – Arturo Espinoza (B.O.F.) 2nd Place – Ricky Schrautz (Lovato) Adult Men Featherweight Beginner 1st Place – Kyle Springman (Lovato) Adult Men Lightweight Beginner 1st Place – Kyle Springman (Lovato) 2nd Place – Cesar Egas (Lovato) 3rd Place – Gregory Martin Adult Men Welterweight Beginner 1st Place – Matt Kendrick (Lovato) 2nd Place – Kevin Malahy (Lovato) 3rd Place – Chad Tregellas (Travis Lutter) Adult Men Middleweight Beginner 1st Place – Thomas Smith (Lovato) 2nd Place – Cody Brewer (Lovato) Adult Men Cruiserweight Beginner 1st Place – Rocky Campbell (Lovato/Schwettman) 2nd Place – Justin Mansel (San Da Fight Club) 3rd Place – Chris Thomas (Lovato) Adult Men Light Heavyweight Beginner 1st Place – Luke Woodard (Lovato) 2nd Place – Lee Mobley (Lovato) 3rd Place – Lucas Bishop (American Academy of Martial Arts) Adult Men Heavyweight Beginner 1st Place – Logan Prather (Fight Mob) 2nd Place – Brandon Crumm (Lovato) 3rd Place – Jason Black (Lovato) Adult Men Super Heavyweight Beginner 1st Place – Tom Sniff (Westside JJ) 2nd Place – Matt Parker (Titan) 3rd Place – Miguel Reiner (Lovato) Adult Men Flyweight Intermediate 1st Place – Brett Payne (Lovato/Dressler) 2nd Place – Chris Watson (Lovato) Adult Men Featherweight Intermediate 1st Place – Jermaine Brown (Lovato/Schwettman) 2nd Place – Justin Rice (Westside JJ) 3rd Place – Eugen Tellez (Ft. Sill) Adult Men Lightweight Intermediate 1st Place – Bobby Williams (Apex) 2nd Place – Jeremiah White (Lovato) 3rd Place – Danny Flores Adult Men Welterweight Intermediate 1st Place – Justin Shanks (Lovato/Schwettman) 2nd Place – Garrick Landis (Apex) 3rd Place – Vincent Giacomino Adult Men Cruiserweight Intemediate 1st Place – Jason Norwood 2nd Place – Clint Lokey (Lovato/Dressler) 3rd Place – Story Gotti (Lovato) Adult Men Light Heavyweight Intermediate 1st Place – Josh Charles (Peak Performance JJ) 2nd Place – Chris Smith 3rd Place – Danny Demoss (Tulsa Top Team) Adult Men Featherweight Advanced 1st Place – Jon Combs (Lovato) 2nd Place – Michael Hannon (B.O.F.) Adult Men Welterweight Advanced 1st Place – Tony Tipton (Travis Lutter) 2nd Place – Rob Wood (Lovato) 3rd Place – Daniel Roberts (OK Fight Club) Adult Men Middleweight Advanced 1st Place – Kevin Sniff (Westside JJ) Adult Men Cruiserweight Advanced 1st Place – Kevin Sniff (Westside JJ) 2nd Place – Antonio Jackson (Lovato) 3rd Place – Travis Dorty (Baker) Adult Men Light Heavyweight Advanced 1st Place – Jared Hess 2nd Place – Antonio Jackson (Lovato) Adult Men Heavyweight Advanced 1st Place – Russ Schwettman (Lovato) Adult Men Absolute 1st Place – Jared Hess 2nd Place – Tony Tipton (Travis Lutter) 3rd Place – Russ Schwettman (Lovato)

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