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Coming to you from the San Jose Arena HP Pavilion at San Jose Friday, November 21, 2008 – 7:30PM (Prelims at 6:00PM) Zakary Bucia vs Adam Steel 3×3 rounds 155 pounds Zakary represents Kung Fu. You don’t hear that so often in MMA anymore. Adam Steele is also making his debut and is listed as a wrestler. Zakary tries a spinning kick to start, but misses. Adam tries for a takedown but Zakary winds up on top, mounted guillotine and a tap out! The official time is 35 seconds! The arena is mostly empty right now. The layout has changed a little bit, at least backstage things seem more organized than ever. Alvin Cacdac vs Jose Palacios 3×5 rounds 155 pounds Round 1 Two more local guys going at it, representing LA Boxing and Cung Le’s respectively. There are flashes on the ground but this is largely stand up bout Alvin works to bring it to the ground but gets put on his back instead. It comes back up and after a few more exchanges Alvin is put on his back again with Jose in side control. Jose tries for the mount but Alvin is able to reverse as time expires. Gumby’s score: 10-9 for Jose Palacios Round 2 Exchange starts off the round, then Alvin presses forward to the takedown. Jose avoids, but Alvin is relentless. Alvin tries to pick Jose up, but lands in a triangle choke. Jose locks up but Alvin defends, soon Jose is forced to give up and settle on the guard. Jose stands up quickly and now pushes Alvin into the fence. Now Alvin gets his takedown and lands in the mount, but Jose recovers to guard. Alvin manages to pass, Jose turtles and Alvin locks in the rear naked choke without hooks….doesn’t matter Jose taps! Winner is 3:10 round 2 by RNC Alvin Cacdac More and more people findng their seat as we have a bit of a pause before our next fight. It’s a big night folks as there are 13 fights scheduled and we’re only 2 deep. Brad Royster vs Darren “BC” Uyenoyama 3×5 rounds 135 pound weight class I should mention that OTM not only sponsors Darren Uyenoyama, but I also train with him as well. Checking out Brad’s shorts, apparently OTM sponsors him as well. (Individual fight shops often sponsor fighters. Good for the sport, right?) Besides, eveyone loves watching Bantamweights go. I’m going to be unbiased in my reporting, of course, but the crowd is firmly in favor of the local boy, BC. Round 1 Fighter touch gloves and meet in the center of the ring. BC tries low kicks while Brad responds with punches. Brad has a defintely reach advantage, and looks to use his jab to keep BC at bay. BC goes for the takedown, and Brad holds on to a front headlock as they go down. BC gets out, but Brad gets to standing. BC takes the back and alternates between trying to sink a choke and pounding away at Brad. Brad stands and does a god job defending. Referee Herb Dean seperates the two and gives BC warning, strikes to the back of the head maybe? Fight restarts in the center of the ring. Brad looking to land the big shot, but BC gets him down and works immediately to mount. Brad recovers to guard but BC has a tight guillotine on. Brad manages to reverse and stands up, BC is on his back. After feeling out with strikes Brad dives back down and BC works a rubber guard. Brad stands back up as time expires. Gumby’s score: 10-9 for Darren Uyenoyama Round 2 Another brief exchange before BC gets the takedown again, landing in halg guard, which Brad recovers to ful guard quickly. BC gets back to the half guard quickly and then a tight side control. Applying pressure to the head and neck Darren manuevers to the mont and a few punches and Brad surenders his back. Brad survives to roll back underneath the mount and then establishes half guard again. BC content o sit there for now and punch. Now BC standing above Brad but quickly dives back down to half guard and then mount. BC tries the monolata, to the oma plata and then the armbar (much like Dustin Hazlett last week) but Brad escapes as time expires on the round. Gmby’s score: 10-9 for Darren Uyenoyama Round 3 Brad seems a bit more cautious on the feet and the two circle with BC throwing the occasional kick. Brad starts throwing a few combinations but BC backs up. Brad throws a flying knee, again BC backs up and it misses. Brad is gradually becoming more aggressive, BC is either picking his timing or coasting because he must be confident he is winning the bout. Nice high kick attempt by BC as I type that, but with two minutes to go this round has been uneventful thus far. 1 minute to go and the crowd is restless, BC finally goes for a takedown and puts Brad on his back. BC gets mounts and begins pounding away, suddenly there is a lot of blood but it looks like it is coming from BC! BC has dominant position however and continues to pound away as time expires. Gumby’s score: 10-9 for Darren Uyenoyama Official Decision: After 3 rounds all three judges score the bout 30-27 in favor of Darren Uyenoyama The next bouts will be on HDNet. The arena is about 60% full right now. I see Big John McCarty cage side wearing all black. No idea what that means if anything. Nik Theotikis vs Luke Rockhold 3×5 rounds at 185 pounds This should be a god one between two local standouts. Nik is out of Ralph Gracie’s SF academy. Luke trains out of Claudio Franca’s and Cung Le’s. Interestingly enough, Luke won the blue belt Mundials last year and Nik won the same weight class at white belt (they have since both been promoted). Nik also has a strong kickboxing background. The crowd is live for this one, probably the louder cheers for Luke. Round 1 Fighters touch gloves. Luke looks for a big punch which grazes the chin of Nik, Nike shoots and gets a guillotine. Nik pulls guard and looks tight, but Luke’s head pops out and he begins to pound away. Nik defends well pulling Luke’s head down and after some inactivity Luke pushes the fight into the fence. Luke attempts to pass, Nik turtles, Luke keeps moving and takes the back, getting the rear naked choke for the tap! Official Decision: Luke Rockhold by RNC in 3’06 in round 1 If you’re watching on TV, I’m sure you see Gina Carano being interviewed. Wonder what she’s doing in San Jose? Joe “Diesel” Riggs vs Luke Stewart 3×5 rounds 170 pounds Again, Luke Stewart is an OTM sponsored fighter, training partner and good friend of many years. Joe Riggs looks positively angry at the weigh ins yesterday. This should be a great fight, maybe a throwback to the classic striker vs grappler match ups (although both are obviously more well rounded than that). Round 1 The referee is none other than Big John McCarthy! Fighters touch gloves and circle. Luke pushes the action and takes Riggs to the ground, landing in Riggs ful guard against the fence. Riggs doing a good job of holding Luke’s head and the fight goes back to the feet. Now Riggs circles Luke to the fence but the two break up and stand in the center of the cage. Kick by Luke to the takedown, but Riggs tries to get to his feet. Joe looks like he is trying a wizzer, Luke goes for the back but Riggs gets put on his back to half guard. The fighters are against the fence and looks to pas, nearly gaining the mount. Luke shifts to side control. Luke tries to mont but winds up back in Rigg’s half guard. Luke finally passes to mount, Riggs revcovers quickly however. Time expires. Gumby’s score: 10-9 for Luke Stewart Round 2 Fighters circle, Luke tries a few kicks and goes to the clinch right away. This time Riggs gets the takedown to Luke’s full guard. Luke manages to spin his back off the cage and prevents Riggs from getting much damage from here. Big right from Riggs stuns Luke, back to the feet but Riggs is relentless. Luke drops for a single leg but Riggs contines to hammer away forcing referee Bg John McCarthy to stop the bout. Official decision: Joe Riggs by referee stoppage (strikes) 2:05 of the second round. Line Kvokov vs Kim Couture 3×3 minute rounds 130 pounds Kim Couture gets a loud ovation from the San Jose crowd. Maybe I’m missing it, but I haven’t seen her husband Randy Couture around. In Kim’s corner is Gina Carano. Round 1 The ladies waste no time throwing hay makers at each other and Kim is definitely getting the better of the exchange. Line actually turns her back at points and walks away to avoid damage. The fighters clinch but once they break Kim continues to land bombs, Line turning her back to avoid damage and finally the ref steps in. Oh, and Randy was there the entire time, a little more incognito in his cap. Official Decision: Kim Couture by referee stoppage 1:44 (strikes) Yves Edwards vs Duane Ludwig 3×5 minute Rounds 164 pounds This was originally scheduled to be the main event, with Yves Edwards taking on Strikeforce lightweight champion Josh Thompson. A toe injury forced Josh off the card and Duane Ludwig stepped up on short notice to take the bout. This should be a fun one, both fighters have been around a long time in the MMA game, and although they have been rounding out their games they are based on striking. Round 1 Surprise! Yves goes immediately for the takedown and lands in the center of the cage inside Duane’s butterfly guard. Yves attempts to pass but lands into the half guard. Yves continues to pressure and passes to side control. Duane rolls to his side and as Yves strikes manages to establish half guard again, and then butterfly guard, then to full guard. Yves uses his striking to set up his passing, it looks like he’s REALLY been improving on his ground work. Duane looks like he might be trying to set up a submission from high guard, Yves responds with a flurry of punches. Yves continuing to try to pressure moves to half guard again as the crowd begins to boo, time expires on the round. Gumby’s score: 10-9 Yves Edwards Round 2 Fighters exchange jabs then Yves lands a nice uppercut. Does nothing to Duane however, Yves attepts to grab the head and throw knees, Duane gets out. Takedown by Yves, Duane gets back up and begins to initiate his own offense from the feet. An exchange and Yves goes for the the takedown again. Center of the cage with Edwards in half guard, nearly passing, but Duane manages to hold him there. Edwards to side control but Ludwig recovers to half guard again, then regains his feet. Ludwig briefly gets the takedown but Edwards recovers and scores his own takedown, to Ludwig’s closed guard. Crowd very restless now, the Arena looks mostly full by now. Edwards tries to ground and pound but Ludwig gets it back to the feet. The two clinch and exchange knees, but time runs out on the round again. Gumby’s score: 10-9 Yves Edwards Round 3 Some tentative exchanges on the feet, but more of the same. Sorry for the pause. Duane Ludwig wins by unanimoious decision. Renato Babalu Sorbal vs Bobby Southworth 5×5 minute rounds Light Heavyweight Title Fight 205 Round 1 Babalu looks for the takedown early but it’s Bobby who gets Babalu down, landing on side control. Babalu gets full guard but Bobby manages to pass to side control. Babalu gets to his feet and although Bobby sprawls, it is soon to the clinch. Babalu has Bobby against the fence, but Bobby switches and pushes Babalu, Babalu soon reverses. This pattern continues until Big John McCarthy separates the fighters. Babalu initiates the clinch agan and drives Bobby to the fence but Bobby reverses, then Babalu, then Bobby takes an unintentional low blow after a big elbow and is given time to recover. Bobby gets back and the fight continues. Bobby catches a low kick from Babalu and puts him on his back, and jumps on for some ground and pound as time expires. Gumby’s score 10-9 Bobby Southworth Fight stopped! Apparently that elbow opened up a huge gash on Southworth’s eyebrow and the doctor has stopped the bout! Terry Martin vs Scott Smith 3×5 minute rounds 185 pounds Round 1 This is your main event. Terry Martin presses forward swinging. Back against the cage Scott Smith throw a right to counter and drop Terry. Terry is knocked out cold, landing face first on the mat. Your winner is Scott Smith! Official Decision: Scott Smith by KO in 24 seconds. Official attendence is 8152 Lamont Davis vs Brian Schwartz 3x 3 minute rounds, 175 pounds Round 1 The fighters exchange strikes and trade blows. Lamont lands a big blow tha sends Schwartz reeling to the canvas, Lamont stands over him and tells him to get up. Schwartz takes a long time to get to his feet, but when he does he seems to be recovered. Fight winds up in the clinch as time expires. Gumby’s score 10-9 Lamont Davis Round 2 Fighters circle then Lamont initiates the clinch. Brian pushes Lamont into the fence but starts punching to the back of Lamont’s head. Herb Dean immediately steps in and deducts a point from Brian, and Lamont is allowed time to recover. Restarts and the two continue to slug it out in the middle of the cage. Boot to the head and Lamont goes down, scott follows up with another kick and is immediately deducted another point! Lamont is given time to recover a third time and immediately initiates the clinch. Time quickly expires. Gumby’s score 9-8 Lamont Davis Round 3 The two continue to exhange, landing big shots. A left hook from Scott Schwartz drops Lamont to the canvas. Referee Herb Dean calls a stop to the contest. Official decision. Brian Schwartz by KO 2:23 of round 3 Brian Schwartz by the way, has received the biggest ovation of the night. Josh Neal vs Kurt Osiander 3×5 minute rounds 185 pounds OK, disclosure time as anyone who has read OTM for any length of time knows that I’ve always said Kurt Osiander is my hero. Head instructor of the Ralph Gracie SF academy, sponsored fighter and dear friend. Round 1 Fighters touch gloves and come out swinging. Both landing some hard shots. Kurt tries a few takedowns but is repelled by Neal. A high kick by Neal sails over the head of Kurt, who clinches and gets the takedown. Neal attempts the kimura, but Kurt scrambles to the mount, but Neal brings it back to the feet. They clinch and punch, Kurt gets the better of the exchange, manages to rock Neal who drops to the canvas fight over Kurt Osiander is your victor! Official decision: 2:16 In round One Kurt Osiander by TKO Tony Johnson vs Eric Lawsen 3×5 minute rounds, 185 pounds Round 1 Crowd is very lively in support of both fighters not much happening ealy. Lawson catches a Johnson kick and tries for the takedown Johnson survives. Scramble and the clinch and suddenly John is forced on the defensive as Lawsen goes for the kill. Lawsen sinks in a short choke from the rear standing, Johnson falls backward and is forced to tap. Official decision: Eric Lawson in 1:28 by Rear Naked Choke Bobby Stack vs Cyrillo Padilha 3×3 minute rounds 155 pounds Bobby initially comes out to no music but has the crowd chanting his name. Round 1 Fighters exchange with Stack moving forward. He appears to catch Cyrillo with a good blow, but Cyrillo clinches. Bobby gets the takedown and pounds from Cyrillo’s guard. Back to the feet, but Bobby pushes Cyrillo into the fence and gets the takedown. Cyrillo clinches from half guard Bobby looks to pound but backs off, allowing the match to come to the feet. Nice high kick from Bobby, followed by a flurry and and more ground and pound. Time expires on the round. Gumby’s scorecard: Bobby Stack 10-9 Round 2 The fighters flurry, Stack moving forward but this time Cyrillo answers back. Bobby keeps pushing forward and gets the takedown, winding up in Cyrillo’s closed guard. Bobby once again lets Cyrillo up. Now Cyrillo pushes forward, windmilling punches until he gets the takedown. From Bobby’s closed guard Bobby mainly smother, firing a few knees but time expires without much happening. Gumby’s scorecard: Bobby Stack 10-9 Round 3 More flurries as each fighter is looking for the knockout blow. Bobby goes down and Cyrillo tries to take the back, but Bobby quickly reverses and Cyrillo is forced to his guard. Not much happens so the fight is brought back to the feet. Cyrillo lands some shots that seem to wobble Bobby, Cyrillo presses forward and pushes Boby against the cage. Fighters look exhausted as the round winds down. Gumby’s scorecard Cyrillo Padhila 10-9 Final Score Bobby Stack 29-28 Official Decision: 29-28, 30-27, and 29-28 all for the winner by unanimous decision, Bobby Stack. That is the last fight of the night and I am out of here!

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