Keenan Cornelius Stuart Cooper Documentary

Stuart Cooper Presents The Rise Of Keenan Cornelius – The JiuJitsu Phenom

Stuart Cooper Presents The Rise Of Keenan Cornelius – The Jiu Jitsu Phenom

Stuart Cooper the BJJ Documentary legend is at it again.  This time a full length 70 min documentary on the BJJ Phenom Keenan Cornelius. Keenan started training with his step father who I was lucky enough to train with back at the old original Ralph Gracie School in Mt. View, CA.

Keenan’s Dad was Tom Callos who is like family to us over at OTM because he brought us BJ Penn back in the day to train with us a Ralph Gracie’s school.

Stuart is known for going deep with BJJ Superstars and get the details about not just their training and where they train jiu jitsu but also the passion behind them.   To support Stuart and his free online BJJ Films you can donate here >> DONATE HERE

In this documentary Stuart captures all of Keenan Cornelius dreams and passions for BJJ and Life. It is a great watch it covers many of his matches high lights from events like ADCC, FIVE Grappling, and IBJJF events.  It covers he whole history of training BJJ from starting with his Dad and BJ Penn, to training in Sacramento with Cassio Werneck, to moving to Maryland and training with Lloyd Irvin.  Now he has ended up at our old friend Andre Galvao’s gym in San Diego.

Keenan Cornelius has had an incredible journey from not winning even in the first round of tournaments and not being able to pass guard to building his game and becoming the Jiu Jitsu Phenom that he is at black belt.

The footage in this BJJ Documentary by Stuart Cooper is really amazing it covers years of tournament events, interviews with his training partners, coaches, and competitors.  The best part is you get to hear from Keenan himself about his philosophy of how to he got good, what it takes to get to the top, who inspired him and the best part just hearing how he got there.  This video is very inspiring if you are a true BJJ enthusiast.

Thank you Stuart Cooper and Keenan Cornelius for this amazing BJJ Documentary remember to Donate Here for more amazing videos.

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