Henry Akins BJJ Camp

Sub and Surf BJJ Camp with Henry Akins

“ A Personal Invite From Henry Akins To Train BJJ In Costa Rica”

You hear people talk about the “jiu jitsu lifestyle” and few embody that lifestyle than my master… Rickson Gracie.

Rickson has given out FEW Black Belts in his lifetime and I was the FASTEST to Black Belt under and I want to personally train YOUR for 4 hours everyday in a place we’ve found that is a secluded heaven for all things beach and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

I will be sharing the HIDDEN Bombs of Jiu Jitsu I learned from Rickson himself personally.

If you can get nearly 30 hours on the mat with Rickson himself inside of a 7 day period for less than a small fortune you should JUMP at that opportunity. I treasure ever last minute I got to train with him.

However if you’d rather not spend a small fortune and you’d rather spend those hours in paradise
having a blast on and off the mat with people who love the “BJJ Lifestyle” like you do…

And you would LOVE nearly 30 hours in 7 days on the mat learning Rickson’s training techniques and best kept secrets.

Space is very limited on this trip.  (Only 25 People)

We are staying at a 5 Star resort with GMO-FREE Food

All levels of SURFING (Zero to Pro, Lessons available)

Don’t let someone STEAL your spot!!

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