Submission Grappling Tournament Oct 13th 2007

SUBMISSION GRAPPLING TOURNAMENT- DATE: SATURDAY OCT 13,2007- WEIGH INS: 7:00 Am TO 9:00 AM – TOURNAMENT START AT: 10:00 AM -ADULTS $30.00-$35.00 IF YOU REGISTER THE DAY OFKIDS $25.00-$30.00 IF YOU REGISTER THE DAY OFREGISTER BY WED OCT 10TH AND SAVE $5.00 FOR MORE INFO OR TO REGISTER PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL US @- THEFIGHTLAB@HOTMAIL.COM (951)461-2444 30033 Technology Dr. #101 Murrieta, CA. 92563Rules for submission grappling tournament OCT 13TH2007Men’s No-Gi Weight Classes:Lightweight: 155 lbs.Welterweight: 170 lbs.Middleweight: 185 lbs.Light-Heavyweight: 205 lbs.Heavyweight: 225 lbs.Superweight: 226 lbs. and overNo-Gi Weight Classes:Note: Kids, Juniors and Teens are matched as closely as possibleJunior & Teen No-Gi Weight Classes: 14 to 18 We are going to have two divisions Beginner (1 Year and under) andAdvanced (1 year and above) Kids will be matched up as close as we can, weight, size, age and level.Point System: Takedown landing in Half or Full Guard: 2 pointsTakedown to Side Control or Mount: 3 pointsSweep or Reversal w/ legs: 2 pointsPassing Opponent’s Guard: 3 pointsMounted Position: 4 pointsBack Control w/ Hooks: 4 points(All positions must be held for minimum 3 seconds)Detailed Rules: The object of the competition is tocontrol and submit your opponent. Ways to win: 1)Causing your opponent to physically or verballyTapout or quit by using a technique within theguidelines of the rules in each set division. (Allcompetitors must be aware of dangerous techniques andknow how to Tapout.) 2) Highest score at end ofregulation time period or overtime. 3) Referee Stoppage1. Hygiene: At weigh-ins all competitors will be checked for communicable diseases, not limited to but including ringworm, staph, herpes and impetigo.2. Tie Breakers: There will be a 1-minute overtime in the event of a draw. At the end of the 1-minute overtime if the were no points scored it will immediately turn to sudden death in which the first point scored gets the victory. The stalling rule will be enforced with ZERO tolerance in overtime. The referee will give 2 warnings and you will be deducted -1 point and given the loss if you do not go after the victory.3. No Stalling: The referee will issue warning for the 1st offense of stalling (i.e. backing out of the guard without engaging, butt scooting, fleeing the ring to avoid takedown/submission attempts). The 2nd offense will result in a 2-point deduction. A 3rd offense will result in a 3-point deduction. A 4th offense will result in a DQ.4. Leg Locks: Leg Locks are ILLEGAL in all kids, and Beginner divisions. Straight ankle locks are legal for Beginner. Straight ankle, inside figure four toe holds.. All leg locks are legal in the Advanced Men’s division.5. Illegal Techniques in all divisions: No strikes, biting, eye gouging (includes chin to eye), head butting, small join manipulation (finger and toe locks), hair pulling, or ear pulling, neck cranks.6. Slamming: ZERO tolerance on slamming. This is to avoid slamming to escape the guard and various submissions from the guard. A competitor will be immediately disqualified NOTE – Takedowns are not considered slamming, unless intent to injure is determined by the referee.7. Neck Cranks and Twister: Neck cranks and Twister (wrestling guillotine) are only legal in the advanced division.8. Takedowns and control: Any position must be held for a MINUMUM of 3 full seconds before points will be awarded. If you take your opponent down and Mount him you would receive 3 points for the take down AFTER 3 seconds AND then 3 more seconds for the 4-point mount. Therefore you must maintain the position for 3 seconds per set of points. Guard pass points are established when the opponent’s shoulders are flat on the ground and your legs are completely clear of their legs. If you go from standing to a guys back with BOTH his knees on the ground for 3 full seconds you receive 2 points for reversal.9. Sweeps/Reversals: Reversal of position points are given when one opponent reverses from the bottom to the top position and maintained for a full three seconds. The reversal has to be used from your guard or in the immediate transition of someone passing your guard. For example if you’re passing my guard and I IMMEDIATELY put you on your back I receive reversal points. Note: Rolling someone over when you are mounted or in side control is an escape not a reversal.10. No-Gi Attire: Board shorts, fight shorts, singlets, or Gi pants are required. Rashguards, t-shirts, tank tops, Wrestling shoes, knee-pads (non-medal braces), headgear, cups and mouthpieces are optional.12. Code of Conduct: We will be enforcing a zero tolerance rule on disrespecting, threatening with physical violence, or verbally abusing referees or staff at any time before, during or after the event. If any spectator, coach or competitor threatens or abuses the referee in any shape or form, they will be escorted out of the building.

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