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Time and Place5 November 2006Weigh in: 10.00h – 11.00h.Start competition: 11.30h

Budo Academy PhysicalVening Meineszstraat 76717 AJ EDE

Legal Techniques- Any kind of choke (except for using the hand toclose the wind pipe)with or without the use of the uniform.- Any armbar, shoulder lock, or wrist lock- Any Leg Lock or Ankle Lock

Illegal Techniques- No Neck Crancks (Crucifix)- No striking / kicking of any kind- No eye gouging or fish hooking- No grabbing the ears- No hair pulling, biting- No finger or toe holds- No thumbing- No scratching and pinching- No touching groin area- No hands, knees or elbows on face- No slippery substances allowed on body or clothing

Points2 – Mount position2 – Knee on stomach2 – Sweeps2 – Takedown (ends Guard or Half Guard)3 – Back mount with hooks3 – Passing the guard4 – Clean sweep4 – Clean takedown (ends passed the guard)

Lost points-1 – Go to your back-1 – Running away

The referee’s decision/judging can’t be overruled!

The winner will be decided according to:If one competitor gives up or submits by tapping theleg, arm or verballyIf Referee feels one competitor is unable to defendhimself or feels his life is in danger,Referee will declare the winnerIf a fighter breaks the rules twice he will bedisqualified by the Referee

Ways to win-Submission-Points-Referee’s decision

Fighting Time-5 minutes in ordinary fights-8 minutes in the finales (first 4 min without points)

Extra rounds are added if fights are even. The fighterwho gets the first point, wins.

Weight classes-65 kg and under-66 kg to 77kg-77 kg to 87kg-87 kg to 97kg-99 kg and over-Absolute class

Equipment-Fighter may use tights, shorts (and T-shirt) orKimono

Competition payment€ 20,-

RegistrationPlease contact Martijn de Jong

Next fighters have already get places to ADCC EuropeanTrials 2007:

– ADCC European Trials 2005 Winners- ADCC Submission Fighting Finnish open winners- ADCC Submission Fighting Switzerland open winners- ADCC Submission Fighting U.K open winners- SHOOTO European Champions

-65.9kg1. Toni Kröger. Finland2. Teemu Launis. Finland3. Daniel Ackermann. Germany4. Hélio Perdigão. Portugal

-76.9kg1. Martin Lingvist. Sweden2. Christian Sandberg. Sweden3. Nik Ruben Nikolaisen. Norway4. Mariusz Szczerek. Poland

-87.9kg1. Marko Helen. Finland2. Ilari Grönholm. Finland3. Nelson Semedo. Switzerland4. Nicolas Gregoriades. Creece

-98.9kg1. Alistair Overeem. Holland2. Samuli Perälä. Finland3. Einar Naes. Norway4. Tomas szczerek. Poland

+99kg1. Mustafa Al Turk. England2. Janne Pietiläinen. Finland3. Ivajlo Markov. Bulgary4. Rogent Lloret. Spain

-60kg Female1. Marina Weckström. Finland2. Caoimhe McGill. U.K

+60kg Female1. Jennifer Guiola. Sweden2. Monica Vanessa Silva. Portugal

ADCC European Open competitions Schedule:

5th November ADCC Holland open25th November ADCC Belgium open2nd December ADCC Poland open16th December ADCC Spain open20th January ADCC German open24th March ADCC European Trials, Turku Finland

15th April ADCC Japan Trials, Tokyo JapanMay 2007 ADCC World champion competition, N.Y USA

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