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Super Challenge present final card and first matches West Promotion president states he made matches by himself thinking as a fan West Promotion, the Brazilian company behind Super Challenge Grappling, has just announced first matches between 16 grapplers who will face each other in a free weight Submission tournament to be held in São Paulo on December 8th. Paulo Vasconcellos who is the president of West Promotion explained he personaly made matches wondered by him and Grappling fans. “We will start the show promoting some remacthes such as Xande vs. Avellan, Nino vs. Galvão and Big Mac vs Lovato.These are fights everybody wanna see again” stated Vasconcellos. The announcement also presented BJJ Black Belt Eduardo Telles to replace Jeff Monson. According to the show, Monson even after have signed contract just disappeared without any notice.

Find bellow the first maches:

Bracket 1 :

Demian Maia vs. Bruno Bastos Rafael Louvato Jr. vs. Luiz Big Mac

Tarsis Humpreys vs. Shiko Yamashita Fabricio Werdum vs. Pé de Chumbo

Bracket 2 :

Xande Ribeiro vs. David Avellan Cristano Titi vs. Hyotaro Endo

Eduardo Teles vs. Gabriel Vella Nino Schembri vs André Galvão

(Editors Note: We actually spoke with Monson last night and he is on his way to the Phillippine to participate in an MMA show. No comment on what his status was with Super Grappling Challenge.

Also, Rafael Lovato Jr posted the following on the OTM Forums:

“Well, tomorrow I fly to Brazil to compete in the Super Challenge this Saturday. I’m feeling very good. I’m in good shape and the rules are great for my game. They posted the bracket on adcc news and I got Big Mac 1st round, they put a lot of rematches in the first round. They want fireworks. Try to get the online ppv if you can. Xande & I are bringing home some money!”

Gumby will have a full predictions write up soon)

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