Taking The Defensive Minded Grappling Approach By Using The Cross Step Guard Pass!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is as much about offense as it is about defense.  While having the slick submissions skills can get you more views on YouTube and people talking about it, they are worthless if you don’t know how to defend against certain sequences while in a match.

For those of you highlight chasers out there that may have some issues coping with more advanced techniques opponents may throw out at you, then today is your luck day!

Today I’m taking a closer look at a pretty slick technique as demonstrated by Stephen Whittier.  The setup is the cross step guard pass, and is simple yet extremely effective when done properly! See this video on guard passing – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbGabrl2GZc

Being Alert And Looking For The Trigger Indicators

It may be the most obvious statement one can make concerning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but being alert and aware at all times is arguably the most important aspect that you can bring to the table when it comes to grappling in a match.

Anticipating your opponents next move, especially for the cross step guard pass, is a very vital tool to have:

·       The initial setup of this move is that we have pulled guard and our opponent is looking to pass from standing position.

·       Keep your eyes on his trigger positions: if his right leg moves, then you must follow it with your left hand.  Likewise, if his left leg moves, then your right hand follows it.

·       Once they make their stepping motion, shoot your opposite hand through and grab hold of their opposite thigh.

·       Meanwhile, grab hold of their ankle with your free hand.

·       With a firm grasp on their leg, you’ll want to begin to drive into them using your shoulder, making sure you topple them down onto the mat.

·       From here, you should have dominant enough position to look for your pass and to begin mounting an offensive attack.

Implementing All Aspects Of Your Grappling Game To Become A Better BJJ Player!

The importance of this move cannot be understated.  While in practicality and execution it’s vital to help prevent a guard pass, it also teaches you to utilize your skills in a unique way that will quickly change the way that you grapple.

Originally, we started in a very defensive minded setup.  We had pulled guard and our opponent may have had the upper hand—depending on your grappling style—so we had to think quickly which we did!

As they initiated their approach, we quickly turned the tables by using a defensive technique that ended up working in our favor and became a useful offensive setup.

Having moves and techniques such as this will make you a much more dynamic grappler, which will lead to many issues for the people for whom you face.  When training this particular setup—or anything similar—keep this in mind as you will see the transformation in your game take place.

See Stephen Whittier’s 40 Plus to Success here!

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