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Last Saturday TFA fans would pack the California State University’s Pyramid stadium in hopes for an unforgettable MMA night.Last Saturday TFA fans would pack the California State University’s Pyramid stadium in hopes for an unforgettable MMA night. Not wanting to disappoint the crowd the promoter that night would give them 9 action packed bouts, over 3 hours of MMA that would show fight fans exactly what makes our beloved sport the most exciting combat sport in the world.

To start the night off Subfighter team member David Ghobrial made his professional debut against fellow new comer and Fight Science team member Luis Salguero. Salguero would use his Judo background all through the night as he would attempt to score ippons from the clinch position. Ghobrial on the other hand would use some basic wrestling, the underhook and whizzer to reverse the takedowns once they hit the mat. Although Ghobrial would not be able to pass Salguero’s guard effectively he would still be able to land effective strikes from top position that had Salguero looking for sweeps and submissions to avoid taking a lot of damage. Salguero clearly frustrated by the 3rd round would be forced to change his strategy and attempt to stand and bang with his opponent only to get the short end of the stick as Ghobrial would land leg kicks and punches before taking his opponent back down to the mat. In the end the judges would award Ghobrial the Majority decision victory as two judges would score it 29-28 for Ghobrial and only one judge would score it in favor of Salguero 30-27.

Still attempting to get back to his winning ways after two straight losses in the cage Riverside Submission fighter Ben Gonzalez (5-4) took on Total Combat and TFA veteran Neal Abrams (4-3). Abrams who was riding a high wining his last two fights looked great as he was clearly the aggressor, landing some hard strikes before scoring the takedown putting Gonzalez on his back. Gonzalez though would not be in uncharted waters as he used his tall frame to his advantage and would get the fight back to the feet. Gonzalez once he gained his footing would go for broke throwing a flying knee that would miss his target as he would find himself on his back again for the second time in the fight. Abrams at this point would not let Gonzalez up again as he would take a leg and sit back looking for an ankle lock. Although Gonzalez would scramble to alleviate pressure on his ankle he would have no choice but to tap out as Abrams would turn to his side and crank the ankle that left Gonzalez grimacing in pain.

In a 170lbs match up Brandon Adams (1-2) fighting out of Scraptime MMA took on last minute replacement and West Coast JJ fighter Anthony Ferguson (1-0). Ferguson right away would take control of the fight as he would score a double leg takedown that would have Adams scrambling for guard. Unfortunately for Adams this where the rest of the fight would take place as Ferguson would transition from mount, back mount or side position all the while landing hard punches as he dominated his opponent in every way. By the middle of round two after Adams had taken countless punches to the head the ref would stop the fight giving Ferguson his second win via TKO. In what was a hard fought 185lbs battle EliteXC veteran Brent Cooper (3-0) took on Fight Science fighter Mozzy Arfa (1-0). Both fighters came in displaying some great stand up as Arfa would be the flashier of the two throwing TKD style kicks as Cooper would stick to the bread and better punches. On the ground Arfa would show a lot of heart as he would fight out of Cooper’s submission attempts for a good part of the fight. Cooper would stay active in-between those attempts with strikes as Arfa would battle to get the fight back to the feet. Cooper would show his experience though as he would get the fight back to the floor on each occasion and by the 3rd round with both fighters exhausted Cooper would take Arfa’s back and sink in a RN-Choke that put his opponent to sleep just halfway into the round. In the Co-main event of the night Sidekicks MMA fighter Jeff Martin (3-2) would take on fellow TFA veteran Justin “Soul Assassin” Harris (1-1). Harris who was fighting out of the Machado Training Center was coming into this fight looking for redemption after losing via TKO to Armando Sanchez at TFA #7. Harris unfortunately would not get the chance as Martin would control the fight with his aggressiveness landing some brutal kicks and punches that would have Harris back peddling the whole fight. Harris’s only offence came within the clinch as he was able to hop on Martin’s back and attempt to work a choke from there, Martin however would control the hands and slam his opponent down as he would turn to face him. From that point it would be the beginning of the end as Martin would let Harris up only to land more strikes before taking him back down. To his credit Harris would get to his knees but Martin would not let him take advantage as he would spin around his opponent and take his back finishing Harris with a RN-Choke with just 9 seconds left into round one. In the Main event of the night, a title fight for the 155lbs belt Bobby “the king” Green (3-1) fighting out of Riverside Submission Academy would take on the champion Toby”Tigerheart” Grear (5-4) fighting out of True Warrior MMA. Before the fight both fighters would promise their fans a fast past action packed fight and not wanting to disappoint their fans that is exactly what they delivered.

From the sound of the bell both swung for the fences as they would both land hard kicks and punches. Although Green was the stronger and more athletic of the two the champ would show a lot of heart in not backing down in his attempts to put Green on his back. Although Grear would put Green down the challenger’s scramble ability would get him out from the bottom as he would score takedowns of his own as he looked to take control by the middle of R1. Grear would get a huge break though as Green would land a flying knee to the abdomen that would send Grear to the mat in pain, the ref though would see it as a low blow and give Grear time to regain his composure. It would not matter though as after that knee Grear would never look the same and after getting taken down in the 2nd round Green would see his opportunity and land some hard punches to the head that would force the ref to stop the fight awarding Green the TKO victory. In the end the TFA would crown a new 155lbs champion in what was probably the fight of the year for the organization. Official Results

David Ghobrial def Luis Salguero via Decision (Majority) 3:00 R3

Neal Abrams def Benjamin Gonzalez via Submission (Ankle Lock) 1:37 R1

Chris Cully def Juan Pesina via Decision (Unanimous) 3:00 R3

Anthony Ferguson def Brandon Adams via TKO (Ref Stoppage) 2:18 R2

Jon Sibbald def Daniel Gray via Decision (Unanimous) 3:00 R3

Jason Cordero def Chris Champagne via Tech Submission (G-Choke) 1:17 R1

Brent Cooper def Mozzy Arfa via Submission (RN-Choke) 1:40 R3

Jeff Martin def Justin Harris via Submission (RN-Choke) 2:51 R1

Bobby Green def Toby Grear via TKO (Ref Stoppage) 3:25 R2

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