The Diary of a Mat Rat: The DVD is finally here!

Wow! The longest wait for a DVD is finally over!


We actually made this DVD over 3 years ago, but due to legal problems we were unable to release it. Now we have settled all the problems and the DVD is a go!

This DVD is full of action and lifestyle stuff in the world of jiu-jitsu, that only the OTM crew could bring you. Not since Dengue Fever or Mat Burn has anyone seen so much cool and original footage!

The Diary of a Mat Rat features matches from Rafael Lovato Jr., Felicia Oh, Ryan Hall, Kron Gracie, Chris Moriarty, Ricky Lundell, Nick Diaz, Bill Cooper, Fernado Salvador, Jason Hansom, Jeff Glover, Matt Betzold, Buck Nasty, and highlight footage from a ton of other top guys from around the world.

We’d like to apologize to all the fighters above. I know you have been waiting forever for this DVD to be released. Well here it is. FINALLY!

There is almost 90 minutes of jiu-jitsu action, techniques, and the crazy lifestyle stuff that only OTM puts on DVD’s!



Order your copy here, because they will go quick:


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