The Heavyweight Championship of SALES!! Last Day 3-9-10!!

Last Day to save 30% OFF Larger sizes!!

Discounts on all shorts 40"and up and Tshirts XXL and up! 

A5-A7 Gis prices slashed!


You can save with 30% OFF all selected Heavyweight items through this March 3rd-9th!

Jeff Monson - Bleeding Eagle

It’s springtime and we are cleaning out our inventory! We are impressed with the heavyweight guys in the cage matches, and to show our appreciation.

We are discounting everything Extra Extra Large in T-shirts, size 40" + shorts, XXL jerseys and yes, you asked for it Gis A5-A7!

ANY ORDER OVER $100 gets a FREE DVD from OTM Media!

If you just buy one thing, you still get a:

FREE Anderson Silva poster!


If you are large and proud, let it out! Buy the Big Homey a shirt!

I have included a full listing of discounted items!


rank shortsgrip shortsbeltshortskaos shorts

Shorts: 40 and up (where available)

Grip Shorts Blk/Blk, OTM Louie’s, Urban Camo, Snow Camo, BTF Kaos Print, OTM Hawaii, Chute Boxe Shorts, Rank Panel Shorts, Belt Shorts.

skull shieldwoodcutsplatter

Tshirts: XXL and up

OTM Huntington Beach, OTM Southbay, OTM Hawaii, OTM Las Vegas, FHS Slant Logo, JJ Woodcut, OTM Flourish, OTM Skull Wings, Jiu-Jitsu Splatter, BTF Kamikaze, OTM Honor, OTM Pistolas, BTF Skull Shield, BTF Bleeding Eagle, Crusader Lion Swords.


FHS Blue/White, OTM Flourish.



OTM Medieval Pearl Weave and OTM Blank GoldweaveA5-A7.

Lucky Gi Logo


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