The Hip-Hop Chess Federation Honors The Queens Feb 16th 2007 in SF!!

Dear Friend, As you know, the Hip-Hop Chess Federation recently hosted its 1st Chess Kings Invitational. It was a wonderful event that saw rappers and martial artists like RZA and Ralek Gracie square off head-to-head in chess. Our events fues music, chess and martial arts to promote unity, strategy and non-violence. More than 500 people came out and the HHCF was able to give 10k in scholarships to local high school kids. We’ve gotten coverage from Rolling Stone and the NY Times to Rap City on BET. It was a fantastic experience for all in attendance. If you missed it, please check out this video mix of the last event: (please have your speakers up!). Our next event is the Honor the Queens invitational. The goal here is to get more young girls to play chess while encouraging the ones to who do to stick with the game. Hip-Hop has done a lot to harm the self esteem of women and young girls the world over. Yet, we know it has the power to heal. We hope to let event, be a catalyst for the healing. The Hip-Hop Chess Federation has put a new standard on how chess events can look and feel. We do this with donations. Please review the enclosed sponsorship application and contact me directly if you have any questions. Thanks again for all your support and we look forward future success with your help. We have relaunched our website, so please check it out. Yours,Adisa 449-9810

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