The Irish BJJ Open 2010

The Irish BJJ Open 23rd of October 2010

The annual Irish BJJ Open is the biggest competition in Ireland, although the Munster Open definitely runs much smoother. This year ‘Team BJJ Revolution brown belt Andy Ryan and SBG purple belt Clive Staunton organised the tournament. It was held in St. Andrews College on the south side of Dublin near Blackrock.


The competition was supposed to kick off at 10AM. There was a huge amount of competitors, by looking at it the venue had twice the amount of people as opposed to last years turnout. I would imagine that next year a bigger venue with tiered seating will be used. Great to see Irish BJJ expand so much in one year though:) 


A major problem with the competition was the sheer amount of people who expected to register on the day. This is a big problem at Irish competitions as it seems no one understands what online registration is. The organisers had to accommodate  the competitors so the competition started late.


There were some fantastic white belt fights, stand outs being Adam Carroll winning the huge under 70kg category at only 17 years old, and Jaroslav Stankou of Athy BJJ who pulled guard and locked armbar’s on everyone  he fought.


The Blue Belts and purple belts didn’t start until later in the afternoon, this is because apparently due to the lack of registered competitors online the organisers decided to have two matted areas rather than four. but because of the unexpected amount of competitors registering on the day the fights ran very slow across the two mats.


So at around 3pm the purples kicked off, The matches were extremely exciting and technical with Clive and Tom King of SBG taking gold in the respective divisions. All I can say about the purple belts is that Tom King is a monster. In one match he beat a much bigger and stronger opponent by 23 points! 


Then the blues came along and the intensity was awesome, I don’t recall many points decisions, I know in my division every match was finished. Stand out performances were kenneth Brett and Luke Corcoran of SBG, Migel Kryzi of GB Tralee and Michael Devlin of Monaghan MMA.


The absolutes then came along with purples and browns mixed. The fights were extremely competitive. Purple Belt Tom King ended up in the final against Brown Belt Andre Ramos. The fight was fantastic with Tom winning by Arm Bar.


I personally really enjoyed the day, thought it was well reffed in general and the organisers were more than helpful. I got to the semi’s of my blue belt division but lost out to the more experienced Devlin. Well done to my team SBG who did awesome. 


Big thanks to all the organisers: Andy Ryan, Clive Staunton, Mark Curry, Peter Lavery, and all the other refs:) 


Team standings:

1. SBG- 116 points

2. BJJ Revolution- 85 points

3. Pedro Bessa- 51 points

Ladies -60kg

1. Isabella Maria Arexy-Caza (Pedro Bessa)

2. Donna Brennan (BJJ Revolution)

Ladies White Belt -64kg

1. Adriana Gibalulinova (BJJ Revolution)

2. Donna Gallagher (Aiseiri)

3. Celine McGee (SBG)

Ladies White Belt -69kg

1. Shelley McFadden (Aiseiri)

2. Julia Rodriguez Benito (Morcegao)

Ladies Absolute

1. Isabella Maria Arexy-Caza (Pedro Bessa)

2. Shona Maguire (BJJ Revolution)

3. Celine McGee (SBG)

White Belt Adult -64kg

1. Adam Carroll (SBG)

2. Cathal DeBrun (Morcegao)

3. Ryan Douglas (BJJ Revolution)

White Belt Adult -70kg

1. Niall Ward (BJJ Revolution)

2. Alan Kavanagh (SBG)

3. David Phelan (Next Generation)

White Belt Master -70kg

1. Peter Doyle (BJJ Revolution)

2. Ray Egan (BJJ Revolution)

3. Brendan Conway (Sligo)

White Belt Adult -76kg

1. Darragh Hart (BJJ Revolution)

2. Eddie Toye (Rillion Gracie)

3. Shane Galvin (GB Tralee)

White Belt Master -76kg

1. Wille Shaw (Rillion Gracie)

2. Adrian Rusu (Wild Geese)

3. Dean Smullen (Husaria)

White Belt Adult -82.3kg

1. Victoras Kontimas ()

2. Niall Mullen (SBG)

3. Michal Lazicki (SBG)

White Belt Master -82.3kg

1. Thomas Cashell (BJJ Revolution)

2. Arto Toomsaly (Higashi Sligo)

3. Chris Boujard (BJJ Revolution)

White Belt Adult -88.3kg

1. Richard Gorey (Pedro Bessa)

2. Rich Crosdale (SBG)

3. Ciaran McFadden (Rillion Gracie)

White Belt Master -88.3kg

1. Paul Brown (Fighting Fit)

2. Stephen McKevitt (Next Generation)

3. Romald Mullarky (Sligo)

White Belt Adult -94.3kg

1. Ciaran McGeaney (SBG)

2. William Landry (Pedro Bessa)

3. Tomasz (Berserkers)

White Belt Master -94.3kg

1. Roy Doyle (Carbury BJJ)

2. Artur Stasiak (Balance BJJ)

3. Dave Kelly (BJJ Revolution)

White Belt Adult -100.5kg

1. Vilmars Erenbergs (Husaria Ennis)

2. Pawel Lazorko (Combat Sport Centre)

3. Michael Burke (BJJ Revoluion)

White Belt Adult +100.5kg

1. Jaroslav Stankou (Athy)

2. Pavel Wojtkun (Husaria)

3. Piotr Barawoski (Husaria)

White Belt Masters +100.5kg

1. Piotr Sztejener (Sligo)

2. Andy Brady (Drysdale)

3. Eldon Moors (BJJ Revolution)

White Belt Absolute

1. Vilmars Erenbergs (Husaria Ennis)

2. Matt Rothrem (Combat Sports Centre)

3. Romald Mullarkey (Sligo)

Blue Belt -64kg

1. Neil Seery (BJJ Revolution)

2. Ryan Smith (Sligo)

Blue Belt Adult -70kg

1. Michael Devlin (Monaghan MMA)

2. Patrick Holohan (SBG)

3. Joey Breslin (SBG)

Blue Belt Adult -76kg

1. Luke Corcoran (SBG)

2. Dean Donnelly (SBG)

3. Morgan Smith (sligo)

Blue Belt Master -76kg

1. Migel Kryzi (SB Tralee)

2. Karem Dino (Pedro Bessa)

3. Karl Mc Cormack (SBG)

Blue Belt Adult -82.3kg 

1. Dan ‘Stretch’ (Pedro Bessa)

2. Chris Leddy (Next Gen))

3. Jonas Nielsen (SBG/

Blue Belt Master -82.3kg

1. Piotr Kisiel (Husaria Ennis)

2. Jason O’Connor (BJJ Revolution)

3. Keith Cooper (BJJ Revolution

Blue Belt Adult -88.3kg

1. TJ O’Leary (Pedro Bessa)

2. Slawomir Gaus (Morcegao)

Blue Belt Master -88.3kg

1. Kamil Rutkowski (SBG)

2. Gareth McNamara (SBG)

3. Fergus Ryan (BJJ Revolution)

Blue Belt -94.3kg

1. Maruisz Grzywinski (SBG)

2. Emmet Hayde (BJJ Revolution)

3. Lukasz Sowa (BJJ Revolution)

Blue Belt -100.5kg

1. Ollie Collins (Pedro Bessa)

2. Padraig O’Donoghue (BJJ Revolution)

Blue Belt +100.5kg

1. Kenneth Brett (SBG)

3. Tom Dargle (Drysdale)

3. Andrew Higgins (Balance)

Blue Belt Absolute

1. Kenneth Brett (SBG)

2. Jonas Nielsen (SBG/

3. Danny Casey (GB Tralee)

Purple Belt 1

1. Tom King (SBG)

2. Peter Marshall (BJJ Revolution)

3. Gabriel Pavan (BJJ Revolution)

Purple Belt 2

1. Clive Staunton (SBG)

2. Howard Mannion (BJJ Revolution)

3. Patrick Boylan (BJJ Revolution)

Brown and Purple Belt Absolute

1. Tom King (SBG)

2. Andre Ramos (Morcegao)

3. Gabriel Pavan (BJJ Revolution)

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