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Will the real Pete Spratt please stand up? At UFC 69, Pete Spratt faced the very formidable Marcus Davis in a clash between two of the UFC’s top strikers. In the fight, Spratt showed glimpses of greatness, pushing the action against Davis. In the end, it wasn’t enough.

Two months after that disappointing loss, the 36-year old Spratt is at a crossroads in his career. A loss could put an end to a near decade long career that has combined highlight reel knockouts with heartbreaking losses.

On Tuesday night, Spratt will face a young fighter looking to make his mark against the crafty veteran. But, if you ask Spratt, the kid will be in for a long night.

After a grueling training session, Spratt sat down with us and shared some thoughts.

OTM: Thanks for taking time to talk to us.

Spratt: Sure thing, any time.

OTM: Can you walk us through your last fight with Marcus Davis?

Spratt: I had an opportunity to re-watch the fight recently. It was a good fight. Marcus is a tough guy.

OTM: After watching the fight, you appeared to be flat at times?

Spratt: My last training camp was a real grind. At fight time I didn’t feel as explosive as in the past. I was in control of the fight on my feet, but I made a mistake and he caught me. He had good coaching in his corner and they told him that I was leaving my foot exposed. He was able to take advantage of that and capitalize on my mistake. It was a good job on Marcus’ part.

OTM: Marcus is a tough fighter.

Spratt: Yes. Definitely! It was unfortunate that we had to fight each other considering that we are stable-mates at Sityodtong. Neither one of us could train with Mark Dellagrotte.

OTM: I heard that both you and Marcus approached Mark about the fight.

Spratt: I knew that it would be a tough situation when they offered me the fight with Marcus. We tried to stay away from that fight but the UFC wanted it to happen.

OTM: Your opponent for your next fight is Tamden McCrory. What do you know about him?

Spratt: Quite honestly I really didn’t know anything about him. After my manager contacted me about fighting this kid, I watched his highlight video on YouTube. Even before watching the video, I accepted the fight. I was anxious to get back in the octagon. After that last fight, I had a bad taste in my mouth. I needed to get back in the cage and prove myself once again.

OTM: Tamden is a unique fighter being 6’4” and 170 pounds. What is your strategy against him?

Spratt: My secret is out. I’m going to stand in front of him and chop him down. Last time I fought in Florida I chopped another up-and-coming fighter down who needed to be carried out from the cage. I’m looking to do the same here.

OTM: I heard rumblings that you were going to prove something by taking him down and submitting him. Is that just a rumor?

Spratt: If the opportunity presents itself, you never know. I’ve been working my jiu-jitsu with Misho Ceko.

OTM: How was your training camp for this fight?

Spratt: This camp was great. I spend two weeks in Boston training with Team Sityodtong. I spent a lot of time working with Mark Dellagrotte, Kenny Florian, and Misho Ceko. I had a great camp. I’m feeling sharp, feeling explosive. I worked out some technical issues. It was just one of those camps that clicked.

OTM: I had a chance to watch you train. You seem very focused, but is this fight too soon? It has been only two months since your fight with Davis. Have you had time to recover mentally and physically?

Spratt: Definitely. When I fight, I don’t get hurt. I feel like I’m at my best now. I took a few weeks off after my last fight. I’m in peak condition. My timing is good. The game plan is good. I’m ready to go.

OTM: You’ve been around for a long time. You are 36-years old. What does the future hold?

Spratt: I have to finish out my contract with the UFC. I have four fights left. By the end of my contract, I hope I can put myself in position to keep fighting for the UFC. My original plan was to be in title contention by the end of my contract, and that’s still my goal. Randy Couture set the standard for us veterans. The man is incredible. He’s 43-years old and came out of retirement to take the heavyweight title. I feel comfortable saying that I will be fighting for quite a few years.

OTM: Thanks for taking time to talk with us. Any final words?

Spratt: I want to thank my sponsors 210 Fight Gear, Gladiator Sports and Fitness, and Tap Out. Tap Out has been with me since the beginning. Whenever I need them, they are always there. I would also like to thank my manager Sven Bean and my family and friends back home. Finally, I would like to thank Team Sityodtong. If I missed anybody, you know I still love you.

OTM: Thanks a lot, Pete. Good luck in the fight.

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