The Ultimate Fighter 5 Episode 10 Recap

Two fights this week as Nate Diaz takes on Cory Hill and Matt Wiman meets Manny Ganburyan in the last quarter-final! Two fights this week as Nate Diaz takes on Cory Hill and Matt Wiman meets Manny Ganburyan in the last quarter-final! With the start of the show Nate Diaz is feeling awkward about having to fight his teammate and is trying to distance himself from Cory Hill. Or maybe he wants avoid Buffy Rowe, Cory Hill’s alter ego. Cory explains Buddy is the side of him that motivates him, and gives a little bit of swagger. Cory and Buddy have a nice conversation in the sauna. Nate jumps into the Team Penn workout. Team Penn welcomes Diaz, although Joe Lauzon is a bit concerned because there is the possibility they may fight. BJ himself is delighted and mentions he wanted Nate on his team anyway, and takes the time to train with Nate, even going as far to prepare him for the Cory fight. Of course, Nate didn’t consult with his team or coaches before working out at Team Penn, and some of his teammates are not too happy by Nate’s decision. Nate told Pulver that he needed to cut weight, and Pulver is definitely bothered by Diaz training with Penn, but Pulver realizes that Diaz needs to do what he needs to do in the circumstances. Those circumstances see Cory and Nate on the opposite side of the gym for the week leading up to their match. Pulver himself doesn’t take sides, the fighters will be cornered by their teammates for their bout. The fight begins with with Cory Hill punching coming forward, but Nate swoops for the takedown. Cory stuffs it and the fighters circle before another takedown attempt puts Nate on the bottom. Nate attempts a leglock of some kind, but Cory punches his way out. Back up and Cory shucks a Nate takedown again. Cory is doing an excellent job of out wrestling Nate and is dictating where the match will go for the first half of the match. Corydrives for a takedown, but lands in a Nate Diaz triangle choke. After some adjustments by Nate he gets the tap at about the three minute mark. Pulver asserts his relief that this match is over, and that Cory will be a monster in six months to a year. Next up is Matt Wiman vs Manny Gamburyan. Dana states he expected Wiman to be here in the semifinals, but feels that Manny is too small for this division? Too small for the lightweight division? Someone needs to remind Dana it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. As if Manny needed more motivation, his cousin Karo “the Heat” Parysian makes a surprise visit. Karo is a top welterweight in the UFC, and has even defeated Nick Diaz, although Nate and Karo are cool with each other. In the meantime, Matt has already assumed that Manny’s style is going to be like Karo. BJ is not underestimating Manny, and feels he is aggressive and a ball of muscle. The fight begins with very little feeling out, as the fighters are clinching and swinging for the fences early. Wiman tries for a takedown and Manny sprawls well, but is finally forced to his guard. Wiman tries to work a bit of ground and pound, but in a scramble Manny manages to come on top and enter the guard of Wiman. Wiman manages to get to his feet, but is held in a front headlock by Manny who throws some knees. When the fighters break, referee Herb Dean calls a break to check a cut over Wiman’s right eye, but the doctor quickly allows them to continue. Fight resumes and Manny bulldozers his way to the top of Wiman’s guard. Manny continues to grind away at a bloodied Wiman, who manages to get to his feet. Manny is tenacious however, and with a bodylock he drags Wiman back down and pushes him into the fence. Wiman is warned for hits to the back of the head, but it doesn’t seem to phase Manny as time expires. Wiman’s corner is quick to tell him he needs this round. The second round begins and Wiman comes out hard, however Manny fires right back and gets the takedown. Wiman is in his guard in the center of the mat as Manny continues to grind away for the next few minutes. Manny continues to pummel and push forward, but referee Herb Dean restarts the match on the feet a little before the half way point. After a few winging punches, Wiman stuffs a Manny takedown, but it goes back to the feet quickly. Wiman seems to catch Manny with a right hook and goes for the takedown, but Manny recovers quickly and looks for the kimura (a favorite of cousin Karo). Matt defends well however and manages to take the back of Manny. About a minute to go and Manny is on the defensive as Wiman has hooks, threatens and armbar but is eventually dumped forward and Manny is allowed to pound from inside the guard again. Fight ends and although BJ prepares Wiman for a third round, but the unanimous decision goes to Manny Gamburyan. Next week Karo goes off on Nate Diaz, and the semi final matches are decided!

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