The Ultimate Fighter 5 Episode 3 Recap

This week’s episode of the Ultimate Fighter Season 5 may go down in infamy in both MMA and reality television. Don’t say you weren’t warned. This week’s episode of the Ultimate Fighter Season 5 may go down in infamy in both MMA and reality television. Don’t say you weren’t warned. The episode begins as always with the opening credits and a recap of last weeks fight. Gabe asks permission from BJ to get a colonic. BJ brings it up with Dana White who says he will see what he can do. Gabe declares it has both weight cutting and health benefits, but it is uncomfortable. Now that Manny has won he is apparently a much happier person. Nate Diaz is as angry as ever. He was originally going to call out Joe Lauzon, but now says he wants Rob Emerson. “To understand Gabe, you have to understand why he is here” laughs BJ on an aside to the camera, “and I don’t know why he is here.” The coaches lay into Gabe a bit, especially Tony DeSouza, who asks him if he’s really here to earn a contract. Corey Hill of Team Pulver explains that there is a good Corey and bad Corey. The Corey in the gym is as intense as they come, and both Corey’s yell a lot. But one thing no one will deny is how hard Corey works. Pulver brings in his guest coach for the day, and it’s Jeremy Horn! As a veteran of well over 100 MMA fights and one of the slickest grapplers in the sport, Horn has a lot to show the team. Corey Hill (who as it turns out is a family man) doesn’t even know who Horn is! Horn takes notice of Hill however and feels he will be a future superstar, and plans to take him under his wing after the show. High praise from one of the top guys in the sport. Now for the moment I was warned about and have been looking forward to for weeks. Gabe Ruediger gets a colonic. The lady helping him seems a little too enthusiastic about this, and goes in great detail to explain the procedure and what she’s looking for. The camera pans between shots of running water (fountains, waterfalls, etc) and shots of Gabe grimacing and looking uncomfortable. I had to pick tonight of all nights to be eating refried beans. Gabe leaves the clinic and mutters something that is bleeped. I manage to get through the rest of my Mexican dinner. His team doesn’t seem amused, but Gabe says he may get another colonic! Back at the house some of the guys relieve their stress by walking around the house in thongs. Nate thinks it makes them look stupid, but it gives him more confidence to go in there and fight. Based on the animosity that came up last week with the writing on the wall (literally) Nate Diaz selects Rob Emerson for the week’s fight. Good match up as the two may be two of the tougher representatives from their respective teams. Nate begins writing on the wals back at the house. 209 representing Stockton / Norcal area! If you’ve ever been there you’d understand a lot more about the Diaz brothers. Nate is of course the younger brother of Nick Diaz. Both guys are as real as gets in this sport. Rob Emerson is from Irvine and took his first fight at the age of 19 while sitting up in the stands. Both fighters weigh in at 156 pounds and the stare down is intense. Poll of the week is whether or not Corey Hill will be a future star in this sport. We’ll bring you the results later. The first round of Nate and Rob is pretty much a stand up battle. Great action, but very even match, hard to pick a winner. Both get some good shots in, but maybe Nate gets a little bit better as he is a bit more aggressive of the two. 67% of the audience polled feels that Corey Hill will be a superstar at 155. With Jeremy Horn’s recommendation and that work ethic, I’m inclined to agree. BTW, I’m already sick of the spongebob no pants commercial, it was pretty funny the first time, and it’s funny every time I pull it on my girlfriend. The second round Nate really begins to find his rhythm and really presses the tempo of the match. Nate seems to be getting the better of the exchanges while at the same time closing the distance to try to get the takedown. As the round progresses Rob becomes more and more defensive, trying to prevent the takedowns and Nate goes to work, finally getting the takedown. Rob nearly manages to get to his feet one last time, but Nate emphatically slams him down. From here Nate really goes to work, pounding away at Rob and going after submissions. Rob escapes a kimura, an armbar, a triangle choke before a few more punches from Nate softens him up and Diaz sinks in the rear naked choke for the tap with mere seconds to go in the match. Your winner: Nate Diaz and Team Pulver retains the hammer for the third week in a row.

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