The Ultimate Fighter 5 Episode 8 Recap

This week we begin the Quarter-finals of the Ultimate Fighter. This week we begin the Quarter-finals of the Ultimate Fighter. To begin the show Dana White brings BJ and Jens into his office and asks the coaches to pick the quarter final matches. Right away BJ and Jens begin to go at it. Dana asks them to pick the fighters to pick the top four fighters and as it turns out, BJ and Dana have the same four picks: Nate Diaz, Joe Lauzon, Gray Maynard and Matt Wiman. Noting that three of the four are BJ’s remaining fighters, Jens takes offense and begins arguing on behalf of his guys. BJ and Jens have a few heated words but will settle it on the 23rd. All four quarter final matches are announced at once. Joe Lauzon takes on Cole Miller, Gray Maynard vs Brandon Melendez, Nate Diaz vs Cory Hill and Manny Gambuyran vs Matt Wiman. Team Pulver is not too happy with the match ups, particularly pitting teammates Nate Diaz vs Cory Hill. Team Penn on the other hand is happy, and some one in the van makes the prophetic statement that things were going to get weird in the house. The eliminated fighters are sitting around the fire, drinking and talking. Marlon Sims makes a big deal about the fact that he didn’t tap in his fight, much to the problem of Noah Thomas and Allen Berube who did tap in their matches. After some more words, Marlon excuses himself, but swerves and upends the chair Noah is sitting on, and it’s on! With Berube egging them on (but the entire house sitting around laughing, Marlon and Noah square up. Marlon dares Noah to hit him first, so Noah fakes a shot and double legs Marlon the two scuffle and as Noah jumps to guard, Marlon dumps him hard on barricade. Marlon fires a few punches and as Noah tries to armbar him Marlon gets a few more shots in. Marlon tries to back off, but Noah fires a high kick to Marlon’s head. Afterwards, Noah tries to shake hands, but this time Marlon comes after Noah. Noah winds up on the bottom and tries and armbar and Marlon slams him on his head (on the concrete no less) for his troubles, opening up a nasty gash on the back of Noah’s head. Thus demonstrates and important difference between “cage” fighting and street fighting. First of all, the ground can be hard and you really don’t want it used against you. And secondly, along with the cheap shot, all is far. But I don’t really want to come off as someone who advocates street fighting, but it’s a lesson to be learned that there is a difference between “sport” and “survival”. Marlon and Noah shake hands afterwards as the rest of the house laughs and they appear to bury the hatchet. The next morning Dana White shows up at the house and he’s not happy. Here’s a transcript of what Dana had to say: “I just say the tape and I’m *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*. Six years *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* better image *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* athletes *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* goons *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*” Dana quickly throws Noah, Marlon and Berube off the show. Upon reflection, none of them feel their getting tossed was unjust however. Berube makes the point about putting the dog in the kitchen with no toys, and not expecting them to chew the walls. Back to the scheduled fight on hand both Cole Miller and Joe Lauzon feel that this is a good match up for them. Cole’s working his hands, but figures his submission skills will make the difference in the match. What’s important to him is to get the first shot. Joe Lauzon is a coach’s (BJ’s dream) and despite his goofy whiz kids look and cerebral approach, is an absolute animal with vicious ground and pound skills. Both Cole and Joe are friends outside of the fight and are joking around with each other throughout. First round starts off extremely quickly with Cole catching Joe with a kick and quickly taking his back after a misguided takedown attempt. Surviving a strong choke attempt, Joe weathers the storms and manages to escape. Joe tries a few leg locks and eventually winds up on top. Joe furiously works for the pass, but Cole is doing a good job of defending and firing off submissions from his back. Joe brings the fight back to his corner and does a good job of listening to BJ during the match. Cole’s corner is harder to hear, but he is doing and excellent job of attacking from the bottom. Joe nearly takes Cole’s back himself, but Cole escapes back to guard as time expires on a tremendous first round. The second round picks right up where the first one left of, and Lauzon goes for a takedown quickly. Cole accidentally hits Joe with an illegal shot and immediately apologizes for it and the fight continues. Joe works to pass guard and after being warned for striking the back of the hits Cole with a full force elbow that dazes Cole badly. Referee Steve Mazzagatti immediately pauses the bout and deducts a point from Joe as the doctor checks Cole. Cole wants to continue, so the bout does, but it’s clear that Cole is still dazed. Joe goes after Cole aggressively and manages to land a number of unanswered blows as Cole simply turtles up. Cole has a brief moment of offense, but for the most part Joe pounds away until the referee finally stops the bout. Cole admits that he probably wasn’t okay to continue, but did so because he didn’t want to look like a coward. Joe for his part wasn’t really happy to win a bout under these circumstances either. Dana reassures Cole and tells him to never continue if you’re hurt. Next week, it will be Gray Maynard vs Brandon Melendez, who is having some friction with Pulver and Randy Couture makes an appearance for Team Penn.

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