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I know a lot of you guys have been wondering where the hell I was the past couple of months and it didn’t help matters when I came back and was quiet about it. Contrary to widespread rumors, NO, I was not in (1) drug-rehab, (2) jail or (3) deported to China. While some of you probably were hoping that I’d never come back, here I am!

I was actually on a reality TV series called the “Ultimate Fighter” which is basically a show about the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and puts16 fighters from all over the country together in one house where we lived, trained and fought each other for serveral weeks. We had no communication with the outside world and without question, it was one of the most difficult experiences of my life, but I am glad to have done it and more importantly, survived it. I can’t talk about what happened on the show, buttrust me, you guys will love it.

The season will premier on April 5th on SPIKE TV and please support the series by tuning in and spreading the word to your friends who enjoy MMA fighting. Don’t forget to tell them to support the TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME CHINESE GUY, ME!!! Hahahahah, thanks and hope you are all doing well…


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