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A big thanks to Kenny Florian and Anderson Silva, both who prominently and proudly displayed the OTM logo during the fights!On Saturday night UFC 64 returned to their favorite place in Las Vegas the Mandalay Bay Casino to bring us two championship bouts.

In the first fight of the PPV Clayton Guida fought Justin JamesIn this fight Guida is the better all around fighter but is wreck less in his attack. Round 1James and Guida met in the center of the cage. Guida presses the action in the first round by constantly going after James. James throws a few good knees and Guida takes him to the ground. Guida has good ground and pound but James sinks an arm bar on Guida. Guida shows good JJ skills by escaping the arm bar.

Round 2 Guida pushes the pace and takes James down. James pulls guard and Guida starts his ground and pound game. Guida lands about 10 short quick right hands to James face. James rolls over and Guida takes his back. Guida winds by a RNC at 4:42.

In the Second fight Spencer fisher fought Dan Lauzon

In the first round Lauzon takes Fisher to the ground. Lauzon has good strikes with the only attack Fisher has is to kick from his back. Both fighters stand back up with fisher using his knees and stuns Lauzon. Fisher ends the fight with a couple of good punches.

In the third fight Carmelo Marrero fought Cheick Kongo

In this fight Kongo appears to be just a stand up fighter where Marrero shows good wrestling skills but no submissions.

Round 1 Kongo lands a leg to Marrero’s left leg as Marrero takes him to the ground. Marrero uses his wrestling skills to keep Kongo on the ground and maintain side control. Marrero controls Kongo on the ground but has limited strikes and no submissions. Kongo lacks JJ skills but is able to pull guard. Marrero lands a few more good punches.

Round 2The second round is the same as the first round. Marrero takes Kongo down at will. Kongo sinks a guillotine choke but Marrero escapes. Marrero lands some good shots. Neither fighter seems skilled in submissions with Marrero being the better on the ground.

Round 3Kongo does better at take down defense in this round. Marrero stills gets him to the ground but the referee restarts the action several times in this round. Marrero tries for an American lock but does not appear to know how to apply it. Marrero wins the decision by controlling Kongo on the ground.

In the fourth fight Jon Fitch fought Kuniyoshi HironakaIn this Fitch is the more aggressive fighter but Hironaka shows a lot of heart never giving up.

Round 1Fitch lands a good shot on Hironaka. Both go to the ground where Hironaka sinks a triangle. Fitch tries to escape and Hironaka keeps working the triangle. Fitch finally escapes and lands several punches on Hironaka to end the round.

Round 2Fitch comes out punching. Fitch appears to have better hands and lands several shots and takes Hironaka to the ground. The fighters are started on their feet again. Fitch lands a good kick to Hironaka’s head and both fighters go back to the ground. Hironaka tries another triangle but this one is not as deep as the first round one was. Fitch lands several good shots to end the round.

Round 3 Fitch lands some good shots to Hironaka. Hironaka responds with some good shots to Fitch. Fitch takes Hironaka to the ground but the referee stops the fighters to check Fitches nose. Fitch is bleeding from the nose from a punch from Hironaka. The Doctor said to continue the fight and both fighters are started back on the ground. Fitch lands mare good shots on Hironaka. Hironaka shows a lot of heart in the fight. Fitch wins the decision.

In the fifth fight Sean Sherk fought Kenny Florian for the light weight title.In this fight Sherk uses his strength, endurance, and wrestling skills to win. Florian shows a lot of heart and excellent JJ skills throughout the fight. Round 1Sherk shoots in and takes Florian to the ground. Florian and Sherk exchange elbows from the ground. Florian sinks a guillotine but is unable to finish it. Sherk gets side control and works punches. Florian pulls guard and Sherk lands more punches.

Round 2Florian lands a good roundhouse kick to Sherk but is taken to the ground. Florian opens a cut to the right top portion of Sherk’s head with an elbow. This strike turns this fight into the bloodiest fight of the night. The doctor allows the fight to continue. Florian attempts an arm bar but misses. Sherk lands several good strikes. Florian gets top control and Sherk pulls guard.

Round 3Sherk is still bleeding and continues to throughout the bout. Sherk takes Florian down and lands some shots. Sherk gets Florian back but Florian has good JJ skills and rolls back to guard. Both fighters stand back up and Florian lands a body kick to Sherk. Both fighters exchange blows to end the round.

Round 4Sherk takes down Florian. Sherk is working his strikes and Florian trying to defend them using his JJ skills. Both fighters are started back on their feet and Florian lands a nice roundhouse kick to Sherk’s ribs.

Round 5Sherk takes Florian to the ground. Florian tries several submissions including a guillotine choke but the choke is not sunk deep enough. Florian tries to stand up but Sherk goes for another take down. Florian grabs the fence to avoid being carried into the center of the ring and is still slammed on the ground. The fight ends with Sherk winning the unanimous decision.

The final fight of the night was Rich Franklin defending his title against Anderson Silva.

In the first round Silva kicks Franklin who responds with a punch. Silva uses a Thai-boxing clinch and lands several knees to Franklin’s body. Franklin does not appear to know how to defend against the knees and is apparently hurt. Silva lands a punch then a knee which breaks Franklin’s nose. Franklin moves back and Silva lands two more punches to end the fight. Silva wins the title. Non televised fights included Kurt Pellegrino over Junior Assuncao by RNC in the first round, and Yushin Okami defeated Kalib Starnes by TKO in the third round. A scheduled bout between Keith Jardin and Mike Nickels was scratched hours before the PPV when Nickels pulled out with a bad back.

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