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Total Combat’s Official Weight-Ins will be held August 1st, 2008 at Balboa Parks Starlight Theater at 2pm and is open to the public.

MMA Mini Expo

Visit Total Combat’s Vendors from 4pm to 7pm right before the fights. Vendors will be stamping your Total Combat passport, get every stamp and receive $5 off your ticket purchase at the ticket window or selected TC merchandise! Discount MMA Gear, Gym Memberships, Giveaways, UFC fighter’s signing autographs at Gym Booths, Picture Booth, Total Combat Discount Coupons, and More!!

Lucky Fan Upgrade to Cageside

We will be upgrading a lucky Total Combat fan from the audience around 7:15 P.M. In order to win Our VJ Combat Doll will be asking trivia questions about Total Combat. Every correct answer moves you closer to cageside.

Event Info Directions

Total Combat Mixed Martial Arts August 2nd at Balboa Park Starlight Theater. Watch tomorrows MMA superstars Today at Total Combat. Total Combat has brought you, Eddie Sanchez, War Machine, Kendall Grove, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, Dominic Cruz, Gary Padilla and Ed 9mm Ratcliff to name a few.Order Tickets now 619-392-4660 or on This event is ALL Ages and FREE PARKING!!! Directions to Starlight BowlStarlight Bowl is located in Balboa Park in the Pan American Plaza near the Aerospace Museum and the Automotive Museum. The address is: 2005 Pan American Plaza San Diego, Ca 92101

From 15 S. and 805 S.· T Take 163 South to Park Blvd exit. At the signal at the end of the off-ramp, turn left onto Park Blvd. ·The next signal is President’s Way, turn left into the Park. ·Follow parking instructions

From 5 North ·Exit at 10th Ave. Follow 10th to “A” St. and turn left. ·Left again on Park Blvd. ·Turn Left on President’s Way into the park ·Follow parking instructions

From 5 South· Exit at “B” St. and turn left at end of ramp ·Turn Right on Park Blvd ·Turn Left on President’s Way into the park ·Follow parking instructions

From 94 West· Follow “F” St. to Park Blvd and turn right ·Left on President’s Way into the Park ·Follow parking instructions

Vendors FREE Give-Aways Vendors from 4pm to 7pm

The US ARMY Booth will be giving away a FREE IPOD.

UPSHOT will be handing out free energy shots the entire time from 4-7PM. Also TWO VIP Tickets to the Shwayze show on September 6 , along with 5 cases of free product. (must be 21)UPSHOT Energy Shot. 2.5 oz’s of Super.Natural.Power. Find Upshot at your local convenience store. Available in Fruit and 5-Berry Flavors

MMA Fight Gear OutLet Raffle:Duffel bag with over $500 worth of training gear, videos and clothes with everything you need to start your MMA training .

12 water bottles from fight gear outlet with over $500.00 worth of free giveaways inside of them. One lucky person will receive a water bottle filled with cash, make sure to visit their Booth at Total Combat and new location at the Carlsbad Mall.

500 August Issues will be given away to the 1st 500 people at the door.


Total ImpactIn Part II of our special on women, we look closely at Total Combat’s leading lady Diana Ocampo. By Eddie Malone and Katalin Rodriguez- Ogren The Nature of the BeastWhat do MMA’s movers and shakers think about the study that revealed MMA is similar to other combat sports in regard to injury? And, in terms of safety, are officials satisfied? By Doug Jeffrey


Knocking On Hollywood’s DoorCung Le has the looks and the title. What next Hollywood? By Joshua Lashley

A Passion for FightingWe delved into the Hawaiian MMA scene and found out what makes those guys tick. By Marshal D. Carper

Then and NowTake a walk down memory lane to find out what MMA pioneers are up to today. First up is the UFC’s Keith Hackney “The Giant Killer.” By Loren Franck

Inside a Warrior’s MindVulnerable isn’t a word you’d normally associate with fighters, but you don’t know these two IFL studs. By DeNeese Jensen

The New “Karate Kids”Kids are flocking to MMA. What’s the lure, and how safe is the sport for children? By Adam Morra Stamp of ApprovalThe world of trading cards has arrived in MMA. Found out how it all went down. By Danielle Jenkins


Low Risk, Big Dividends The UFC’s Karo Parisyan explains, in detail, how to execute judo throws to perfection. By Karo Parisyan with Erich Krauss

Ground PowerWe’ve got concepts and exercises to strengthen your grappling. By JC Santana, MEd, CSCS Modern Gladiator Training Brutal is thrown around pretty freely these days, but it’s the perfect fit for Aaron Stark’s strength and endurance routine. By Kerry Michael LiTHE FIGHTSCan He Be Stopped? Is Kron Gracie unbeatable? He certainly was at the 2008 Pan-Am Games in Southern California. By Caleb QueernCOLUMNSBeyond Fighting The UFC’s Matt Hughes Round 1 Inside the Cage MMA Clinic Herb Dean Midwest Report Victory Jay In the Guard By Carlos Valente Product Check Essence of MMA Press Pass The UFC’s Dana WhiteThe CoverJaimee Itagaki captured Rich Franklin (top) during his fight with Jason MacDonald.

Undisputed will be giving away FREE Memberships

Tickets are still available, buy them online or at the Ticket window at the Starlight theater.

See You all Aug 2nd at Balboa’s StarLight Theater

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