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Davis Welp is an active duty police officer in La who has produced the Kibun series of instructional videos.

Please visit David’s Site at for more information.On a cool August evening fight fans were treated to the Total Fighting Alliance fights in Hollywood Ca. The evening was full of fights with action from the beginning to the end.

The first fight of the evening didn’t take long to come to an end. Gilbert Solina met Jonathan Pastrana in the center of the ring. After just several punches from both fighters, Gilbert takes Pastrana to the ground. Gilbert makes quick work of Pastrana by punching him several times. Gilbert wins in just 16 seconds.

The second fight of the evening Chad George took on Maurice Eazal.

Round 1 Both fighters come out throw a couple of punches and Chad pulls guard on Eazal. Chad tries to work an arm bar but Eazal picks Chad up and slams him on the mat. Chad maintains his guard and the referee stands both fighters back up. Both fighters then go back to the ground where Chad pulls guard then reverse it to Eazal’s guard. Both fighters stand back up and the round ends.

Round 2 Fighters come out and touch gloves. Chad tries a high kick and Eazal takes him to the ground. Both fighters make their way back to the feet and Eazal tries a take down on Chad. Chad secures a Guillotine choke on Eazal and wins the fight by submission at 1:14 in the second round.

In the third fight of the evening Blake Jones fought Bob Rivas.

Immediately in the first round Blake and Rivas meet in the center of the ring where Rivas punches Blake in the head and drops him to the mat. Rivas takes top control on Blake and lands several more punches. The referee (Herb Dean), steps in to separate the fighters. While the referee is holding Rivas, Blake stands up and punches Rivas. The bout is halted while Blake has a point taken away. The fight continues and Rivas leg kicks Blake and takes him to the ground. Rivas gets side control and works an arm bar on Blake. Rivas wins by submission at 1:02.

The fourth fight of the evening put Traver Boehm against Carlos Grover.

Round 1 Both fighters began by throwing punches and ending up against the fence. Several small punches exchanged along the fence and Carlos takes Traver to the ground. Carlos lands several punches before being rolled over with Traver ending up in his guard.

Round 2 Fighters feel each other out in the center of the ring. Carlos does a single leg take down against Traver. Carlos almost submits Traver with an arm bar, but Traver escapes and ends up back in Carlos’ guard. Traver receives a laceration to the top of his head from a strike from Carlos. The ring doctor stops the fight. Carlos wins.

The fifth fight of the evening was a 145 pound title fight putting Martin Bautista against Armando Sanchez.

Round 1 Sanchez shows his Thai-boxing skills landing several good leg kicks on Martin. Martin responds by showing his punching skills by counter punching to the leg kicks. Sanchez drops Martin with a leg kick but Martin makes it back to his feet. Both fighters exchange punches and knees in the first round. Armando appears to have the upper hand with the stand up fighting in the first round.

Round 2 Martin makes adjustments in his fighting and starts to block the leg kick. Both fighters land knees on each other. Sanchez tries to take Martin to the ground but ends up pulling guard. Sanchez tries an ankle lock on Martin but Martin rolls out of it. Martin tries a guillotine choke on Sanchez but is unable to sink the hold.

Round 3 Martin comes out and slams Sanchez to the ground. Sanchez tries several ankle locks but Martin is able to roll out of them. Sanchez gets Martin’s back and uses a body tri-angle to maintain the hold. Sanchez lands several punches to the back of Martin’s head as the round ends.

Round 4 Martin comes out and catches Sanchez with some knees to the midsection. Sanchez tries to shoot in but ends up pulling guard. Martin starts his ground and pound game and hits Sanchez with several shots. The referee stops the bout. Martin wins by TKO.

The sixth fight of the evening Gary Padilla showed his wrestling skills against Andrew Flores.

Round 1 Gary shoots in against Flores and goes up against the fence. Gary uses a hip throw and puts Flores on the ground. The round ends with Gary punching down on Flores.

Round 2 Flores comes out and lands a big punch on Gary. Gary responds by taking Flores to the ground. Due to no action the referee stands the fighters back up. Gary using a lot of wrestling take downs, gets Flores back on the mat where the round ends.

Round 3 Gary comes out with a leg kick into a double leg take down. Flores pulls guard and Gary picks him up and slams him. Gary gets side control where he lands several punches. Gary wins the fight by a unanimous decision.

The seventh fight of the evening is a title fight with Paul Arras immediately taking the fight to Jeff Clark. Paul goes across the cage and starts punching with Jeff. Paul takes Jeff’s back while standing but is unable to finish the submission. Paul goes back to punching and catches Jeff with a right cross. Jeff goes down and Paul waste no time ending the fight with about ten punches to Jeff’s head.

In the eight and final fight of the evening Jesse Romero defended his title against Chris David.Round 1 Chris hits Jesse with a good punch Jesse pulls guard. Jesse lands a good punch as both fighters make it back up on their feet. Jesse lands several more knees and punches. The round ends with both fighters in a clinch.

Round 2 Jesse comes out and misses a kick and has to pull guard. The Referee restarts the fighters. Jesse catches Chris with a punch and goes against the fence. Jesse does a double leg take down and Chris pulls guard. The round ends with Jesse in Chris’ guard.

Round 3 Chris tries a take down but misses and swaps punches with Jesse in the center of the ring. Jesse lands several roundhouse kicks to Chris’ head. Jesse wins by unanimous decision.

David Welp is world-renowned martial arts expert and a Southern California Police Officer who trains new recruits in the proper way to survive in the field. His experience and training has allowed him to become a Field Training Officer, a much respected position that concentrates on training new recruits in survival techniques.

He has been active in the martial arts community for almost 30 years, teaching and fighting professionally in a number of styles including Tae Kwon Do, Kuk Sool Won (a joint manipulation style of fighting), Jiu-Jitsu, and Mauy Thai Kick Boxing. Mr. Welp has competed professionally in Mauy Thai Kick Boxing throughout the United States for 16 years, has trained with top Jiu-Jitsu fighters out of Huntington Beach, and now privately trains police officers.

Please visit David’s Site at for more information.

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