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Great day of action in beautiful San Celemente for the tournament of pros. Dan Darrow and Randy Bloom worked hard and pulled off a great event. Here are the quick results. Great day of action in beautiful San Celemente for the tournament of pros. Dan Darrow and Randy Bloom worked hard and pulled off a great event. Here are the quick results. Superfight 1: Rani Yahya over Gilbert Melendez 12-2 200 and under Round 1 Brent Stulhlik over Dylan Spencer Guillotine Choke Jared Rollings over James Wilks triangle choke Givanildo Santana over Asa Fuller 14-2 Nate Diaz over James Wilk by front headlock choke in under 1 minute. Props to Nate for stepping up at the last second, he could have easily qualified for the 160 division and big brother Nick is fighting later in the UFC! 160 and under 1st round Rany Yahya over Dale Frank (12-0) Steve Magdaleno over Robert Breslin kimura north south. Takumi Nakayama over Greg McIntyre by RNC. Come from behind victory after a 20 minute war! 200 and under 2nd round. Givanildo Santana over Nate Diaz 14-0 Brent Stulchik over Jared Rollins 13-0 ina forty minute war of attrition. 160 and under round 2 Rani Yahya over Steve Magdaleno 12-0 Adriano Nasal over Takumi Nakayama 12-0 Superfight After some feeling out, (including Jeff jumping to guard but climbing back down, Naoya scores a takedown and mounts Jeff! Jeff quickly escapes, and the fighters scramble backto their feet. Jeff jumps guard again, and Naoya stands for awhile, but Jeff manages to pull him to the ground. From there it’s to Jeff’s half guard, but Naoya is heavy on the head, and passes to mount! Score is 10-0 here, Jeff fights back to closed guard. Jeff secures the over hooks as Naoya tries to regain posture, then Naoya explodes to half guard! From half guard Jeff looks for a sweep and very nearly has it, but Nayoya shows excellent base and Jeff goes back to closed guard. Jeff looks like he is going for the back, but Naoya stands up with Jeff in closed guard. Naoya goes back down and forces his way back to half guard quickly. From here is it a battle of Jeff trying to maintain an open guard and Naoya trying to pass. Naoya forces his way back to half guard. Jeff spins around looking for a leg lock, Naoya looks to spin out, attacks briefly but ultimate escapes back to Jeff’s half guard. Then to full guard as the match slows down, Jeff tries standing, but when locked up Naoya executes a beautiful throw for the final two points. Naoya 12-0 over Glover. Under 200 finals Givanildo Santana begins by pulling guard on Brent Stuchlik, but sweeps immediately into side control. Givanaldo switches to the other side and secures a shoulder lock to end the match. Givanildo Santana wins by tapout. Under 160 finals Rani looks for a single leg right away, but Nasal counters with a front headlock. Rani escapes and the match goes back to the feet. Rani goes for another takedown when Nasal looks for the guilotine, Rani manages to spin around and nearly take Nasal’s back! Only one hook however, so no points. Nasal escapes and manages to escape, then pulls off a sweep to even the score at 2-2. To Rani’s closed guard, but he opens up quickly to move around. Nasal nearly passes and loks to catch a front choke, that makes Rani gasp, but he escapes to a butterfly guard. Rani comes on top looking to attack, but falls right in a Nasal guillotine, Rani escapes and comes up for two more points. Nasal looks to escape, and the two battle for top poisition before winding up ina neutral position from the knees. Shaking hands, Nasal pulls guard first, but Rani gets to half guard quickly. Both competitors are breathing heavily now and the pace slows somewhat. Rani spins around and looks to take the back, gets the near hook in, but Nasal defends the second. Rani is able to be heavy on the head and threatens a choke now as well. Very close a few times, but Nasal escapes, Rani spins into a guillotine and closes the guard. It looks very tight, butNasal manages to escape. After all that action the score is still only 4-2. THe match stays in Rani’s closed guard for awhile, but Rani opens it to attack. Both men sound exhasuted, but are still fighting hard. Nasal nearly takes Rani’s back, but Rani turns it into a takedown attempt, but both wind up on their feet again. Rani armdrags, Nasal tries to avoid the takedown, but Rani drives him to the ground nearly taking the back! 6-2 Nasal gets to half guard and as Rani looks to pass, Nasal picks up a single leg of his own. Rani defends and back to the feet we go. Rani does a nice switch leg single leg take down, Nasal briefly tries to counter with a guilotine, but Rani escapes to Nasal’s half guard. 8-2 Rani looks to pass, but Nasal turtles up and Rani gets one hook in and looks to choke. Nasal again defends and goes back to the half guard. Rani again looks for the pass, but Nasal turtles up again. Rani gets a single hook and looks for the choke, once again it looks deep, but Nasal escapes. We’re briefly to the quarter guard, but it quickly goes to butterfly guard. Rani looks again to pass and Nasal is again forced to turtle. Nasal defends back to open guard. It goes back to the feet , but this time Rani pulls guard. Nasal looks to pass, Rani defends and sweeps to Nasals side control, after a long period is awarded. 10-2 Nasal is turtled up, but Rani cannot get the second hook in. Rani nearly get s a cruxcifix, but Nasal gets to an open guard. Back to the feet again. Rani goes for the takedown and bring Nasal down to four points, then completes for the takedown. 12-2 Congrats to everyone for some great action on the mat!

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