Tragedy Strikes Newly Crowned World Champion…

After being recognized by the IBJJF for his contributions to the gentle art at the Miami Open in October, and a stellar showing at the No Gi Worlds in  November, winning at weight and closing out the absolute, tragedy found its way to the newly crowned World Champion. In the form of the recent landslide in Brazil that has claimes hundreds of lives, and completly destroying thousands of homes.  One of the lives lost was that of  the Black Belt’s mother, Soraya,  and it left his father Jorge, a 7th degree Black Belt, in critical condition, when his parents home in Rio was destroyed. The result was devastating, with his mother passing and by a miracle his father survived, but barely, and with no health insurance. Pablo’s goal is to move his father to a private institution to take better care if him and if he recovers, to build him a new home. Pablo really needs everyones help. He is an amazing person and has changed my life so I will do whatever I can to try and help him. We all need to become one and help out. A little bit of help from one person multiplied by many creates a lot. Please help, His father doesn’t deserve what he lost. Losing the love of his life, and having nothing to go back to is just impossible to bare. Anything will make a difference.

A fundraiser seminar will be held on Sunday, January 30th, 2pm at American Top Team in Coconut Creek Florida, with 30 Black Belts and MMA superstars going to be there to help for such a good cause.

Donations can also be made online @ or you can PM me for details.

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