Training in Brazil, Angolan dreams of fighting in the country

 Do you know any Angolan fighter of MMA? There is one training in Brazil. The "multinational" Olavo Belo came here to improve technically and physically to the fight that will do in the end of April. "Multinational" because he is Angolan, lives in Switzerland, and always come to Brazil to train.


"I am an Angolan; I started training here in Brazil when I came on vacation. I knew jiu-jitsu 12 years ago. Every year I come here to train, I’m always improving. I train in the rest of the year in Switzerland, with my teacher André Negao. Besides being a black belt in jiu-jitsu, I train boxing, and now MMA", says Olavo.


He already has a fight scheduled for April 30 in Geneva (Switzerland), in the event CHG. It will be in up to 70kg category against an Irishman who has 27 fights and 20 wins. For this commitment, the Angolan chose the X-Gym to prepare. 


"I met the master Distak, who is helping me a lot, like Jacaré, Cesario … I am very happy to be here". 


The MMA career began five years ago, already building a cartel with nine fights and one defeat, for the tough Edson Sururu: 


"I have improved a lot. I have fought MMA twice in Portugal, twice in Ireland, twice in Switzerland and one in England. But I never fought in Brazil". 


Moreover, despite fighting in so many countries, fighting in Brazil is still a dream. 


"My dream is to fight here. For us who fought abroad and always heard that the MMA began in Rio de Janeiro, is a dream fight here". 


Olavo back to Europe for his fight, but should not stay long there: 


"I stay in Brazil until April 27. I’m going to Europe to fight and come back to train a little longer and get a fight here, who knows?", he concluded. 


With the cartel and training partners he has, should not be an impossible dream.

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