Triangle Choke from X-Guard – MG In Action

 Triangle Choke from X-Guard

3 Part Technique – Starting from Over/Under Control from Butterfly Guard, Marcelo exposes an entry into the X-Guard by capitalizing on his opponent’s expansive reaction to the Hook Sweep: Scoop, scoot, and set your X-Hook underneath your opponent’s exposed base by hoisting his leg onto your shoulder after he extends it outward to rebalance from the Butterfly Sweep. Once split, trip and tip his weight backward with the Unbalance Sweep, thus forcing him to counter again by shifting his weight forward and placing his hands on the mat. Capture his posted hand, feeding his near sleeve to your hoisted grip, and adjust your X-Hooks, loading him up for the Roll Over Sweep. If he resists the Roll Over by leaning away from the sweep, remove your feet from his stomach & thigh and pull him straight into the Triangle Choke. 

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