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Dear fellow Martial Artist,

hereby we send you the complete and official info about the upcoming “TSUNAMI Fighting Championships ” on June 30th and July 1st 2007 in Stuttgart/Germany.

Please note: this event will aid the victims of the horrible Tsunami desaster of December 2004, when app. 300.000 people died. All ticket sales of the “TSUNAMI Fighting Championships” will be collected by the Red Cross!

The TSUNAMI Fighting Championships will bring the first Open World Championships in Submission Wrestling (Newcomers, Beginners, Advanced) to Germany. Besides the two-day Grappling World Championships the spectators will see an additional Amateur World Grand Prix in MMA (Shido C-Class, without headshots on the ground) plus the 5th German Shidokan Open in Bare Knuckle Knock-down Karate. Shidokan Founder and Grandmaster Kancho Yoshiji Soeno will come from Japan to attend the two-day event in person.

In the evening of Saturday June 30th Shidokan Germany hosts a professional MMA event besides the TSUNAMI Fighting Championships in the Jahnhalle in Stuttgart: “Fists of Fury 4: Rebirth! ” will bring top athletes from Holland, Brazil, Switzerland and Germany into the ring to battle it out. The event is headlined by a main-event “Germany vs. Brazil”, which will show some of Germany’s finest MMA athletes go head to head with five brazilian MMA and Vale Tudo champions.

All athletes, who compete at the TSUNAMI Fighting Championships and support the beneficial character of this event will get a FREE ticket to the MMA show “Fists of Fury 4: Rebirth!” to watch the fights live!

We would be happy, if you would come to Germany to participate at this event. Here is the complete tournament info:

General information

Promoter:Shidokan Germany e.V., President Shihan Peter Angerer

Contact:Shihan Peter Angerer, Internet: www.tsunami-fc.com ,E-mail: info@tsunami-fc.com or angerer@german-top-team.com

Date:Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st 2007

Place:Jahn-Sporthalle Feuerbach, Wiener Straße 76 A, 70469 Stuttgart, Germany

Participators:All Martial Artists of 6 years of age and older

Registration Fee:Each fighter has to pay the registration fee at the Weight-In”Newcomer” Children: 5 Euro per division”Beginners” Children: 10 Euro per division”Newcomer” Juniors: 10 Euro per division”Beginners” Juniors: 15 Euro per division”Newcomer” Adults: 15 Euro per division”Beginners” Adults: 20 Euro per division”Advanced” Adults: 25 Euro per divisionSHIDO MMA: 25 EuroShidokan Karate: 25 Euro

Note: All registered fighters receive a free ticket for the “Fists of Fury 4” MMA Gala, which will be held additionally on Saturday, June 30th 2007, at 21.00 h in the Jahn-Sporthalle by Shidokan Germany.

Registration:Registrations will be accepted only with our official Fighter Applicationattached to this Information Package or via the online application form atwww.tsunami-fc.com and must be sent to us not later thanJune 23rd 2007 via E-Mail, Internet or Mail

Weight-In:Saturday June 30th 2007Submission Wrestling 08.00 h – 09.30 hShidokan Karate 09.30 h – 10.30 hSHIDO MMA 10.30 h – 12.00 h

Sunday July 1st 2007Newcomers 08.00 h – 09.30 hBeginners 09.30 h – 11.00 h

Time Schedule:Saturday June 30th 2007Submission Wrestling matches start at 11.00 hKarate matches start at 11.00 hSHIDO MMA matches start at 15.00 hAll matches end at app. 18.30 h

Sunday July 1st 2007Newcomers start at 11.00 hBeginners start at 12.30 hAll matches end at app. 18.00 h

Trophies: Prices and awards in the divisions:Children: Trophies for the winner, medals for 2nd and 3rd placeJuniors: Trophies for the winner, medals for 2nd and 3rd placeAdults: Trophies for the winner, medals for 2nd and 3rd place”Advanced”: BIG trophies for winner, medals for 2nd and 3rd placeShidokan Karate: Trophies for winner and 2nd and 3rd placeSHIDO MMA: Trophies for winner, medal for 2nd and 3rd placeSpecial-Awards for: “Best Technical Fighter” and “Fastest Submission” in the Advanced Division of Submission WrestlingSpecial-Award for the “Samurai Spirit” of the outstanding Shidokan Karate fighter

Price Money:250 ? for the Winner of the Men’s Advanced Absolute Class in Submission Wrestling100 ? for “Best Technical Fighter” (only “Advanced” division)100 ? for “Fastest Submission” (only “Advanced” division)100 ? for “Samurai Spirit Award” (only Shidokan Karate)

Absolute Class:Only fighters, who registered for their own weight division, can additionallysign in to fight in the “Absolute Class” in Submission Wrestling

Hotel Information:Please check our website www.tsunami-fc.com for more info.

Liability Waiver:All athletes participate at their own risk. Each fighter has to proof a currentmedical insurance. Each team has to sign a Liability Waiver at the Weight-In.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for further information or support.

Best regards,


Shihan Peter AngererPresident Shidokan Germany5. Dan Shidokan (Japan)Bluebelt BJJ (Gracie Barra Equipe Caveirinha)

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