TUFF-N-UFF The Future Stars of MMA live from the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino

Blackbelt TV Presents TUFF-N-UFF The Future Stars of MMA live from the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in the fight capital of the world: Las Vegas.

Blackbelt TV, the world’s martial arts television network enters into a long-term broadcast agreement with Tuff-N-Uff, Las Vegas’ number one amateur mixed martial arts league. To kick off the relationship Blackbelt TV will broadcast the network’s first LIVE fight on 11-11-11 direct from the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The fight begins at 11 PM EST, 8pm PST.

TUFF-N-UFF is the premier amateur MMA fight league that prepares potential stars to become professional fighters. Some of the most renowned mixed martial artists around the globe have come through TUFF-N-UFF.

“We are proud to bring our fighters and fans an excellent experience at the 4 star Treasure Island hotel and are excited to work with Blackbelt TV to air LIVE and promote our league”. — said the league’s Vice President, Jeff Meyer

“We are very excited that Blackbelt TV’s first live fight is going to be a Tuff-N-Uff Event. Jeff and Barry [Meyer] have built a world-class organization from a deep respect and passion for the sport. We know we can expect to see some great fights on 11-11-11 and we’re only looking forward to more.” — said founder and CEO, Larry Kasanoff.

Blackbelt TV is the world’s martial arts television network, showing great martial arts fights, movies and original programming, 24/7. The network’s founder and CEO, Larry Kasanoff, is the Producer of all Mortal Kombat non-video game media, including two highly successful films, a television series, and animated series. He was the Executive Producer of the box-office smash film True Lies, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For tickets, starting at $25.00 please visit or call the Treasure Island Box office at 702-894-7722 <tel:702-894-7722>  or 1-800-392-1999 <tel:1-800-392-1999> .

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