Two Classic MMA Events in the OTM Store!

The two classic MMA DVD capture important milestones in the history of our sport.Two classic MMA DVDS available for the first time at the OntheMat online store!


On December 5, 2000 Japan played host to one of the biggest MMA tournaments in history.

Martial Artists from Around the Globe gathered for a single elimination tournament for Pride and Glory.

If it sounds similar to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, you’re right! They do kick, punch, choke, break limbs, and fight with fury….but these gladiators are women!

Becki Levi vs Miwako IshiharaJunko Yagi vs Floor HolmanErin Toughill vs Irina RodinaSvetlana Goundarenko vs Kyoko InoueMarloes Cohen vs Mika HarigaeMegumi Yabushita vs Bambi BerontcelloTatiana Kovovchinova vs Atsuko Sakuraba

Plus tournament semi finals and finals!

15 fights in all!


It was a hot July 6, 1997 in Brazil when promoter Sergio Baterelli changed the world of fighting.

With the Ultimate Fighting Championship turned into a regulated “sport” in the U.S., the IVC reigned supreme as the only “No Holds Barred” and bare knuckled fighting promotion on the planet.

For the next few years, the IVC would produce the most brutal, bloody, and hardest hitting shows ever witnessed. The IVC helped launch the careers of the two top fighters of today!

Uncut, unedited and newly restored digital video off the Brazilian TV master. Elbows, headbutts, knees, head kicks and everything that made the IVC legendary are brought to life on DVD for the first time.

1. Lucio Carvalho vs Egidio DaCosta2. Gary Goodridge vs Augusto Santos3. Aloisio Freitas vs Cal Worsham4. The Pedro Otavio vs Brian Keck5. Andre Cardoso vs John Gnap6. Dan Severn vs. Ebenezer Bragga

Plus the Semi Finals and Main Event!

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