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Many of you have asked us what exactly the Brown and Black Belt Team Challenge is. In a nutshell, you can think of each team as an individual competitor in the brackets. However, in order for a team to advance to the next round, 2 out of 3 of the team members must win their matches. What makes the team challenge exciting is that individual competitor’s victories impact more than just that competitor–the entire team’s fate rests on the outcome of an individual competitor’s match. Also, as happened last year, which team advances to the next round often comes down to a tie-breaking match, and that makes it really fun for the fans to watch. We inaugerated the Brown and Black Belt Team Challenge last year at U.S. Open 10 as a way of making the event more exciting for spectators to watch. Why don’t you drop by the U.S. Open myspace page myspace. com/usopenbjj and tell us what you think of the event, especially if you had a chance to witness last year’s challenge with Team Saulo Ribeiro coming out on top.U.S. Open XI Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu TournamentDATE: October 21, 22TIME: 9am – 6pmLOCATION: Santa Cruz Civic AuditoriumRegister Now

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