U.S. Open X News Flash 09-06-05

U.S. Open X News Flash 09-06-05 Reserve your hotel rooms now! The weekend of October 22nd and 23rd is also the weekend of the Coldwater Classic Surf Contest. Be sure to mention the U.S. Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament when making your reservations at any of the following hotels: www.BestWesternCapitola.com www.ContinentalInnSantaCruz.com www.bestwesternwatsonville.com www.seawayinn.com Be sure to scout out your parking situation in advance. You can find plenty of free parking in downtown Santa Cruz, as well as 12-hour parking meters. Click on the following link for more detailed parking info: http://www.ci.santa-cruz.ca.us/pw/trafeng/parking/parking.html Registration Deadlines The fee for early registration, i.e., received by Midnight Wednesday October 12th, is $50.00. The fee for late registration (received Oct. 13th – 17th Midnight) will be $65.00. ABSOLUTELY NO REGISTRATION WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 17TH! Also, note that registration fee(s) are non-refundable. Click the following link to register for the tournament. Remember, the first 50 people to register online get a free U.S. Open VIII DVD!!!! https://www.semkhor.com/page.asp?s=register4tournament&content_id=7617 Competitor Lists Updated Continuously! Check your registration information to make sure your name is spelled correctly, you`ve registered for the correct weight, belt and age divisions, as well as to see who has stepped up to compete in those hard-to-fill divisions. Contact us immediately if you need to make changes. http://www.claudiofrancabjj.com/complists2005.html For more info on the tournament, visit the official U.S. Open X web page at www.claudiofrancabjj.com See you at the U.S. Open X in October!

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